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Young and Juiced

Hey I’m new to this forum. I’m a 17 y/o dude. Quick stats for you, im 177 lbs, 6’1. Current bench max is 265, squat 405, deadlift 425. I’ve been training for 4 years now. Been harcore dieting for 2. I used to be a really fat 225 and lost 60 lbs due to wrestling and gained around 17 pounds after that. I go to the gym 5 to 6 days a week.

I typically train with experienced guys, I obviously dont lift as much as them because one of them is a pro powerlifter and the other 2 or juiced up af. They all say I have pretty good phisuqe for a guy my age. And I’m not saying im just going to go start shooting up test right now lol. I eat between 3000 to 3100 clean calories a day. And have a cheat meal maybe once a month. But anyways I want to hopefully compete in bodybuilding within the next 5 years. And obviously roids would have to become a factor if I do so. I’m pretty knowledgeable about gear.

For my first cycle it would be a test e only cylce for 12 weeks, 450 to 500mgs a week. Then pct. This is a side chest pose of me a few dads back. Any opinions on this?

I think you’re off got a good start and around strong people. I think you should hold off as long as you can. Maybe break all the drug tested open records first, which are probably well within your reach.

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I agree with @SOUL_FIGHTER. You have an impressive physique (top half at least) developed without drugs and are still very young. I would keep milking all that natty T you’re already producing for as long a possible before hopping on gear.


You got 6-8 years ahead where you will still make good gains without touching a drop of steroids because at the moment your ball’s testosterone production is only just reaching peak condition.

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Give your self to your 21 if your still training like you are now and have the same mindset and feel you have reached a peak then gear it up! Dont sell yourself short now tho bro your doing great natty

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Thank you guys a lot for the positive feedback! Means a lot. I was honestly expecting some guys to bash on me haha. My legs are probably my best genetic feature imo. I just dont have any current pics of them but I’ll post a pic of them soon.

You seems to have extremely good genetics

I would say choose another profession for living and continue as natty