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You'll Get a Kick Out of This Vid



no comment.


That reminds me of another thread...


DWs training partner maybe?


Is it wrong that I was hoping that the plates would come off one end and the bar was going to flip over?


We fould a new DW....

That was exceptionally lame. This guy thinks he can squat that much?

And the safety bar?? It's at the armpits.

Those are what I would call ASS STICKERS. All you do is stick your ass out and it's a rep.


No it's not wrong....just evil. I thought the same thing.


Umm, WTF.

Really what the hell is this guy doing, he looks completely out of control. I hope he has good health insurance, he is going to end up loading too much weight and breaking in half thinking he can "squat" it


oh dear god no


In elite underground squatting championship circle he goes by the name of... Dick "Squatasaurus Rex" Wad.



I'm on that bandwagon too.


Whew. Good thing he was wearing a belt, when you go that heavy you have to use a belt.


Count me in........


The rack is getting a good workout, though.


Yeah I'll join this too. I don't suppose he's ever heard of collars.


I dunno, he's going a lot deeper than the guys at my gym go...especially the fucking football players. Apparently the greatest exercise known to man is to squat off a box (actually they use these wierd stool things, even though the gym has legitimate boxes) that's so high your feet come off the ground when you sit back, and then come back up and do a calf raise at the end.


Sadly, I see a lot of high school kids at the gym doing stuff like that.


I didn't know this level of stupidity existed.............

I'm seriously in shock.


I bet the kid brags about how much weight he can "squat."


I'm with you Xen. I seriously was hoping for the weights to slide off the bar and come crashing down on his feet for being such a dumbass.


High schoolers? Dumbasses come in all ages. I have a couple of dumbasses in my gym that are in their 50s.

I was doing incline bench today and hit a new PR. I did 5 sets of 5 reps of 235 lbs very cleanly. But I digress...

One of the aforementioned dumbasses tried taking over the incline bench press I was about to begin my workout on. I politely told him I'm using it right now but he could work in. Well the other incline bench became available so dumbass and his lackey starting using the other bench.

Now I could tell dumbass was eyeing me the whole time and what I was lifting. So I get up to get a drink of water and what do I see?

Dumbass has 275 lbs loaded up on the bar; his ass is so far off of the bench that from the top of his chest to his lower thighs are perpendicular to the floor thus completely eliminating the effects of an incline bench; he proceeds to bring down the bar halfway to his chest and his lackey partner helps deadlift the weight back up to lockout; and then he glares over at me. This guy is in his 50's and he's obviously still a dumbass. Dumbass!