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You Wish You Knew??

When starting something new, such as bodybuilding, it takes a substantial amount of time to really appreciate or understand the process of working out, building muscle, resting, and eating well.

On top of all of the revolutionary training techniques and information that are constantly being presented, there are also many little things that fall through the cracks for beginners.

Some read the articles and actually train accordingly. Others learn the hard way by not seeing results or having something bad happen.

For example, when a newbie isn’t making the gains that he wants, the answer is pretty simple - squats and milk. :wink:

But what about all those other things?

Muscular imbalance
-Balance between pushing and pulling
-How to train for muscular balance instead of having to correct it later.
(Btw, does anyone have some good articles to recommend on this topic?)

Shoulder/Rotator cuff problems
-Wouldn’t it have been great to know about rotator cuff exercises when you first started?


Soft tissue work

I’m still a beginner myself, but I’m desperately trying to absorb all of this information and apply it in an attempt to enhance my training to prevent future injuries. What other things do you wish you knew about when you were still in your first 6 months?

I wish I knew proteins were very important.
It’s more than a year that I’m working out but I only started eating “properly” very recently.
My nutrition is not perfect,I’ll never reach that level of commitment,but at least I have a whey proteing shake after a workout.

Way back when I first started I wish I knew the importance of vegetables, fruits, and fiber, in general. I used to pound protein and carbs hard, but probably would have felt better and had better gains had I adhered to eating a well rounded healthy diet.

I have been following that protocol now for a solid year and the improvements are noticeable for me in the way I look and feel. Same can be said for healthy fats thank goodness for Flameout.


I wish I knew when I started training that you have to eat big to get big.

I wish I knew deadlifts existed.

I wish I knew my ex wife would turn out to be a gold digging whore! Oh wait, wrong thread…Drink milk and squat

I wish I knew the difference between lifting weights and training. Id be light years ahead


I wish I had known that lifting weights doesn’t automatically make you bulky or manly.

I wish I had had a weight lifting coach in high school.

I wish I knew how to clean and Jerk, Snatch and deadlift before my 30’s.

I wish I had known the importance of a good diet, not the kind my mom taught me (cabbage soup diet, cucumber diet, etc). Maybe I would’ve avoided cancer in my 30’s :slight_smile:

I wish i knew about T-Nation from the start

That keeping it around 8 sets works better than 25 sets per body part. Also I wish I ate 2g of pro per lb of lean body weight.

I wish I knew so many people would try to derail my progress.

I wish I knew I should train ALL muscles groups equally and prioritze lagging muscle groups.

I wish I knew there were more exercises than bench, squat, and deadlift as well as variations of the three.

I wish I knew that my metabolism would shit the bed at 21.

I wish I knew that because you do something well, doesn’t mean you should do it ALL THE TIME. (this lesson would have saved my knees a bunch of wear and tear)

I wish I knew that sometimes mirrors lie and pictures don’t.