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You Will Have To Kill Sen Say Before He Dies


Back at it. Been nursing a busticated groin and shoulder. Hurt the groin playing soccer and the shoulder from poor posture I believe...visited physical therapist for about 6 weeks...maybe 3...not sure...anyway...helped some...going to spend about a month lifting light and then try to get back to the 5/3/1 program.

Here's last week's "work-outs". In addition I'm riding my bike for about 15 minutes every day, but Sunday and doing the exercises the physical therapist had me doing.

Military Press 45*10*5
Pull-ups 3*5
Straight Bar Curls 45*10*3

Deadlifts 135*10*3
Good Mornings 45*10*5
Calf Raises 45*25

Bench 45*10*5
Rows 45*10*5
Decline Tricep Extensions 10*20*3

Squat 45*10*3
Pullups 4*5
Straight Bar Curls 45*10*4


You're still alive! Good, every time someone stops posting on the old fogy forum I assume the worst. :wink:


Good to see you back at it.


By God. I can outlift you!


Good luck with the rehab, Sen.


If there is one thing I have learned it is this "Follow the doctors orders" that is unless you get bored, forget or otherwise feel like ignoring him. Welcome back and good luck with the rehab.


I feel bad that all those 'Where's Sen' threads sprouted up. It's tough being so beloved. I'm like Oprah.




And you look better in a dress...but not for long!


Merci mon frere.



I don't mind following his orders...just don't feel like going to Physical Therapy anymore and paying $25 co-pay everytime to have him touch my shoulder and groin for like 10 minutes then send me to the stationary bike for 7 minutes...then 15 minutes of 'exercises' I can do at home followed by 15 minutes of heating pad on my shoulder and ice on my groin....what a racket...no offense to any PT providers that are good at it.


$25 for someone to touch your groin is actually a pretty good deal. Is he not using enough lotion? :wink:

Good luck with the rehab! Once you get the exercises down you should be done with the PT anyway...if he isn't progressing and your just doing the same stuff over and over then there is no reason to keep paying when you can do it at home.


He's being coy...just a slight brush of the back of his hand with a little eye-contact asking if that feels oka...in all seiousness it's kinda creepy...guy is like late 20s and a real nice guy...dark...tall...handsome...soft hands...but there's something I just can't put my finger on that makes me uncomfortable...wait...


Military Press 55*10*5
Pull-ups 4*5
Straight Bar Curls 55*10*3

Deadlifts 145*10*5
Good Mornings 55*12*3
Hanging Knee Raises 3*10
Calf Raises 55*20*3

Bench 55*10*5
Rows 55*10*5
Tricep Extensions 10*20*3

Squat 55*10*5
Pullups 5*5
Straight Bar Curls 55*12*3


There is like no lift that isn't affected by your injuries, is there? Push through. You'll get it back.


Rumor has it that lifting Mrs. Sen Say has not been impacted.


I could probably be pushing it a little harder...my shoulder doesn't actually hurt while I'm lifting...it's mainly laying down to sleep, waking up and getting dressed when it's pretty agonizing...feeling much better...the groin is shaping up well also...I'm planning to keep adding 10 pounds to each main lift for a few more weeks while focusing on getting rid of my pain...


Confirmed. She Say is still frquently lifted.


Quote fixed :smiley:

Welcome back Sen!


No, I think she's going to look better in a dress for a very long time.

welcome back.