You Were All Right. Finally Stalled.

Hi all. So even through the injury I have maintained my eating and training (at home) and well, no more weight loss; nothing, zilch. Now many of you warned me about doing to much all at once (to drastic a calorie deficit especially). I went hard all at once, and in the last 3 weeks I have gained 2 pounds. My maintenance is about 3000 and I was eating 1800 (primarily) a day.

What I have done this past week is increased my calories to 2300 in hopes of resetting and giving my body a break before going back, and this time cutting calories slowly, and adding cardio. gradually. I am sure I will gain a few pounds by doing this, but in the long term I am hoping it is the right decision. Good/bad idea? Thank you all so much.

Not a bad plan, although you might consider first throwing one or two cheat meals per week in there to see if that does anything for you. When I did that (about 3,500 cals on cheat day from 2,000/day), I ended up gaining a couple/few pounds, but my ab skinfold measurement started going down again. I also took an (unplanned) week off from all exercise and I still was losing fat. It may have been the cheat meals or it might have just been getting some more carbs in me. Not sure, but it worked. You might have to play with it.

The easiest way to go about this is to add PLAZMA pre and during workout. It will give you the nutrients increase you need to fuel your metabolism, but these nutrients will be directly used for fuel during the session and for growth, so it wont make you gain fat. I had a lot of people in your situation start getting much stronger and started losing more fat despite a higher caloric intake when using that strategy. It allowed them to train harder which actually increased daily energy expenditure and muscle growth.