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You want to see me?

I know I can’t post my web site on here, but I do have a photo of myself posted on another site called pickthehottie. So if you want to see nate dogg in the flesh, go check out that site and just enter this ID: xs6v0. Once you do that, it will show you my photo. Now, this photo was taken in June 1997. This was at 135lbs and 7% bodyfat. Currently, I’m 150lb at about 11-13% bodyfat. I’ll be taking new pictures in the near future and hope to get them posted on T-mag. But for now, you can at least get an idea as to what I look like and have a picture to go with the name. :slight_smile:

NateDogg, you stud! In your opinion, what do you think looks better now, in comparison to the pic? Way to “sneak” us a picture source for the T-maggers!

Jeremy, thanks. As for what is better now, my back is much better. My traps are bigger and my lats are wider and thicker. In fact, I have to say that my back is my best bodypart at this time. Also, my arms are a little bigger now, but not much. I need to work on them. They have always been long and lean. And my biceps have always been a weakness. I really want to be that lean again. That’s what I loved the most about that photo. If I can stay at or near my present weight and get as lean, I’d say that I would be looking pretty good for my height.

Nate bro…the vixen says your “do-able” which is high prasie from her…so take it for what it is!!

Not too bad Nate Dogg…not bad at all!!! (and you beat a few wheren’t bad eigther!) Little small for my taste…but I’d recommend you to a friend!

What up Nate. The pic looks good - what sort of gains did you get before the pic? You gotta let me in on how your chest routine cause my pecs are lagging bigtime. Did the same rep-set-exercise volume work for your back? Have you tried it for arms? Your stats looks like you gained 6 pounds in over 3 years but you dont exactly look like a hargainer - whats up with that? As far as the BF% thing goes, I hear ya cause I blew months lifting and ony getting weaker trying to get it under control. I got stuck on trendy diet ideas but planned to go all out mass gains once I was happy with BF. A four day split with whatever cardio I could get helped me.

Nate DoggieDog, don’t sweat it…so you’re not the best looking guy in the world. No biggie. Hey, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? Looks aren’t everything! There’s plenty of fish in the sea! Hey, so you’re like a ‘big brother’ or ‘friend’ to her…big deal! It’s always nice to hear that you’re a hottie’s friend. Girls like ‘nice guys too, remember that. ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’. Oh, and by the way, I’m just fuckin’ with ya man! You didn’t think we weren’t gonna tease you did you? By the way, my vixen says ‘you’re a hottie’, so stay the fuck away from Hawaii damn you!!! :wink:

maclar…WAY too funny bro. That is the best thing about this forum…that any time a t-bro is willing to stick his neck out…one of us is here with a headsman’s axe willing to lop it right off!! Nate doggie dog bro…at least you have personality, and your funny…I mean I see a LOT of hotties with guys who are a little ugly…but REALLY funny…chicks like to laugh…keep that in mind. Just busting bro!!

LMAO! You guys crack me up! Thanks for the compliments. I’ll answer your questions a little later. I’m headed to Jacksonville to take some UF public relations students to see the Jaguar’s PR dept for a field trip. So I’ll be back later today and give you training info and my ups and downs since that photo was taken! :slight_smile:

Whopper, so the T-vixen said I’m “doable?” Awesome. We’ll have to test the waters in the future! :wink: Michelle, I’m open to meeting some of your fine friends. Hook me up! :wink:

Dre, as for my chest that was one area that grew fairly quickly because it was always prioritized. And it actually grew fairly easily when I first started training. It took a while to get my strength up, but I easily got the size from benches, incline benches, flyes and dips. When I first started training, I’d do three or four sets of 8-12 reps. That’s pretty much all I had to do. And it really wasn’t until the last year and a half that I started following info on T-mag and using routines found on here. So my chest was already that size from training as I did before. And finding MM2K and reading Poliquin’s articles helped too.

As for a little history on my training, here it goes. I started lifting weights after high school in the summer of 1993. I weighed about 125lbs and within a year of training got to about 135 and started increasing my strength. I was pretty lean too…but smaller than the photo you saw. In 1995, I beefed up to 155-160lbs. I wanted to get big and started eating like a madman and training like a madman three days a week. Lots of heavy basic exercises. Unfortunately, I got way too “chubby” and didn’t like having a gut…even though it didn’t stick out…I was just pudgy in the belly and no longer could see abs. But my legs got huge! I’ve never had so many compliments on my legs since then. And I got strong. But then I realized I was too big and didn’t feel comfortable.

So I started to get leaner. By 1996, I was about 145 and had lost all the strength I had. I pretty much trained to maintain and got a bit off track. In 1997, I decided to get my ass in gear. And the photo you saw is just that. A few months later, I began training in Olympic Weightlifting. I did that for a year and competed in the 58kg (129lb) class. I got quite strong for my size at that time. But I started to lose the shape because my workouts focused on back and legs. And I didn’t enjoy competing anymore because I was getting blown away by the kids in my weight class.

So by summer 1998, I stopped Olympic lifting and started getting back to regular training. I started training with a friend that summer and got most of my strength back and was looking good and staying about 135-140lb.

By late 1999, I had beefed up to 145lb, and wasn’t looking too good and had lost some strength. So I worked on getting leaner. But not much changed for quite some time. I was pretty much up and down every few months. By fall 2000, I was on a mission to get in good shape. That’s when I had a shoulder and knee injury. I received PT, but lost tons of strength and rehab was slow. Then I separated my other shoulder in December. Now I was really hating it. All the while I was trying to maintain everything.

After the seminar in Orlando this past February, I realized what I was doing wrong with my training and nutrition. I got both on track, and have been making steady progress since then. And that brings me to my current stats of about 150lbs and 11-13% bodyfat. My training is going much better. In fact, for the first time in my life I think I have everything together the right way. So now I can make some good gains. But, I don’t think I’ll get much bigger than this. My body has a hard time holding weight above 145. But I’m trying to keep my weight around that and stay LEAN.

And my training is becoming more functional. Because my conditioning has been so bad in the past. And now, I’m more interested in being functional and have muscle that goes with it. Rather than just training for show and no go! :slight_smile:

Okay, this is long. I’ll stop here! You guys have any questions or suggestions?

Yo Bro…did you see that Chris liked all the advice to stickboy? You got yourself a shirt. Makes me want to consider You, me and Timbo getting together and submitting something to t-mag…our own “gang of three” We need to figure out how to get each others emails thru this forum somehow…and work on it…lol. As far as the vixen, you never know, I do owe her for my birthday gift(she keeps reminding me) and hers is comming up at the end of the summer. I like your training history bro, but you got the same issue I do…you get chest…but those arms are a bitch to make grow. I have to scale back every now and again, because my lats flare easily, and my chest grows from bench and push ups…but then they make the arms look even smaller, so I end up having to scale back on the chest and lats and focus on the arms more. A never ending friggin battle…lol! Peace bro!

Nate, nice job. I was impressed at what you have for the little scale weight. Like someone said, got some balls for doing this on this site. Maybe for the site it is on. But, to take a chance with this site is ballsy. But you look good. Just out of curiosity, how tall are you?

Thanks Bodz. Yeah, I was hesitant to post on the other site too. But figured that no one would know me, so why not for fun. As for this site, I felt it was important that people have a better idea of what I do look like. Because I post a lot, and I don’t want to mislead people in anyway. As for my height, I’m 5’4".

Either way dude, your the man!

Thanks a lot Nate!!! Now my lady won’t have sex with me until I shave my chest and start a goatee and a tan. She says you are extremely do-able. I told her you prefer women with small or medium breasts (she’s very well endowed). She wasn’t convinced. Anyways, bro, you just stay down in Florida and don’t be planning any trips to Canada, ya hear? LOL

Goldberg, thanks for the compliment! BJ, well tell your lady that I said thank you! Hey, I’ve had the goatee since high school and rarely if ever shave it off! But that photo doesn’t show my sideburns either. They come down and to a point toward my goatee. When I get some new pics taken, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

As for shaving, it sucks but as you can see it does make a big difference for definition. Let her know that I'm not shaved down anymore. Just well trimmed. And the tan also helps too. I'm working on getting a nice tan once again. As for Canada, I used to go up there all the time when I lived up North (RI). We used to visit a catholic monastery in Montreal, Quebec. But I haven't been there since I was 10. If I do make a trip to Canada, I'll let you know. As for your lady being well-endowed, I never said I'd totally discriminate because of that! LOL! ;)

Thanks for the info Nate - letting me in on the effort you put in over the years has clued me in the the effort it takes to get more shape and size in my pecs so I guess I just keep at it (not to mention I have overcome my jealousy of your pec development ;)).
As far as your stats over time go, it looks like you have been in pretty good control of gains/fat loss over the years so I’d would have thought you could just focus on cutting for 3-4 weeks to get back around 7% (poliquin says on the audio interview on the site that with diet plus flax and other oils you can drop 1%per week). Like I said, Ive been there trying to gain muscle and lose fat for months and just gotten weaker. The best for me was a 6 meal, low carb, 2-3tblspoon of flax (first or last hting) diet to get my BF right and then massive eating.
Another thing major factor is lifstyle. Dont know if its a factor for you (but Id guess there are a few Tguys like me out there) Ive been going out partying/chasing honeys since my teens and the (mostly) alcohol+coming home at sunrise too much stalls me in terms of gains and fat loss. Quieter weekends for 4-6 weeks fixed everything for me. Looking better than ever now and, hate to admit it here, Ill be back out there in a few weeks to rock it till the wheels fall off.

Dre, I would say that it took be about 2 years to go from no chest to having the chest you see there. That means two years of doing chest first in my workout and first in the week. Concentrating on the basic exercises doing 8-12 reps for 3-4 sets. But then again, maybe that was my one easy-to-grow bodypart! My back has been my good bodypart lately!

As for getting lean, I’m working on it. I’m eating more (which is good and bad) and exercising more, so it’s coming off slowly. But that’s okay. I don’t want to lose any muscle. And I still have time to get leaner. I’m hoping that by May I’ll be in the single digits again. I’ll definitely take new pics. As for lifestyle, I’ve always been good. No smoking, alcohol or drugs. And I don’t eat fast food or any junk other than maybe a little chocolate or ice cream once in a while. And I rarely eat out. I cook my meals, and cook clean foods! I do enjoy doing a little partying on the weekends (non-alcoholic of course), but I manage to stay on track other than a little bit less sleep than normal! :wink: How long have you been training?

Dre, as for your chest it could be a matter of genetics. You may just have a certain shape that doesn’t respond the same way. But with plenty of hard work, you can make improvements! So don’t let that stop you. And yes, dips with additional weight for 6-8 reps helped me quite a bit. I would change my workout every few months. And I would rotate my chest exercises throughout. Maybe start with incline presses, then flat, then decline and end with flyes. Or do flat, incline, flyes and dips. Or some other combination. Back then, I went against today’s advice and did about 16-20 sets for chest. So that could have been part of it and maybe genetics is part of it too. I really think I have shitty genetics. I’m short, small-boned with short muscle bellies. I have the high calf that you normally see in African Americans and my biceps is the same way. I have a large space between my biceps and elbow when I flex. My strength is decent, but nothing to brag about. As for the other post, maybe someone was impersonating me. Because I rarely have a drink (and NEVER smoke or use drugs). Actually, the only time I’ve had a drink this year was on my birthday. My friends just wanted me to have a drink to celebrate. Prior to that, I had a drink in August. And that one drink had me drunk as can be. It was when I went out to dinner with friends. I ordered a blue vodoo (I can only drink sweet/frozen drinks). My friends were laughing at me when my eyes were all glazed over and I had this grin on my face! :wink:

Thanks for the tip - Ill incorporate some serious weighted dips in my workouts this month. And major props to you for your clean living lifestyle.