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You Too Can Look Like This




I can't understand why a reporter would write an article about this jerk-off


And this is in the bodybuilding section for what reason?


To cast everything gym-related in the usual negative light?
Or maybe they actually want to give us some slack:
"Look here, not every gym-goer takes steroids and gets big and retarded over night. You also get skinny and retarded people who go to the gym!"


I wish bad things upon that utter moron.


oh my god why do an article on a stick insect, who went from skinny to skinny but with ABS wow


lol that's a good one ... but what's the punch line?


The punch line is that he'll still be a dork that looks like this.


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To be fair, at least from what the artical says he is eating right, although for his size i would guess he is under eating. They also advised him to eat more fat. He clearly doesn't know how to work out, but he is just starting and I think the report made him look dumber than he is by emphasising his obsession with crunchs which I think most of us at one point early thought would be good to do 7 days a week. If he doesn't give up he will probably seek out a better program and it wont be in the news to make fat house wives happy...


When I first saw the article in the picture, I thought it might be a holocaust surviver story. You know, something credible to write about.


He is scary skinny, he would probably add 20 pounds of muscle if he stuffed his face with pasta and meat and then did squats.


::Face Palm::


No need for active wishing.
He'll eventually just vanish into thin air if he keeps eating and training the way he does.



Because some of them are delusional enough to think anything bigger than that means they play professional baseball and will kill small children in a fit of rage.


"Anne Franks' long lost brother found still in hiding after all these years!!!"


I actually saw this article on CNN and it almost looked promising with the title "Eating his way to 6-pack abs with 16 eggs a day." I then clicked said link and couldnt stop laughing...


he lokks smaller than my 15 year old son , jesus i should start donating his dollar a day back to unicef before he fades away...


Heeeeeeyyyyyyyy........... How'd that article about me get in here?

Jeez guys, I just want hawt sexy ABZ............... Girls like hawt sexy abz, not the big bulging biceps. Havent' you guys seen fight club?