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You Think you're a Cool Cat?

Ok tell me why. I want to see what people think is the makeup of a cool person. This would be someone who other people want to be around. So if you repel people like you have the plauge, don’t come round here making no stories up. (unless you do it on purpose because all other people suck and are a waste of your cool time).

Ok Fire Away Peons!!!


Someone who knows exactly what they want in life and goes after it.

Also helps if they aren’t complete assholes in the process.

“Not really giving a shit what others think” is a good starting point but it might just be the ending point as well.

I think it’s mostly about charisma and I’m not sure that’s something that can be learned or improved upon.

  1. Positivity - Nobody likes a Negative Nancy. People that are usually in a good mood are more fun to be around.

  2. Good Sense of Humor - Nobody likes someone that can’t take or understand a joke. If you get offended by crude jokes, then your sense of humor sucks. I also find that people really appreciate someone that can poke fun at their own shortcomings. It let’s them know you don’t take yourself too seriously.

  3. Good Conversationalist - People that can start an actual interesting conversation with just about anyone are always popular. Conversations don’t have to start interesting (fuck, even bring up the weather if you’re really stuck for a topic), you just have to get them to an interesting place and you’ll be remembered positively. To do this, you actually have to listen to what the other person is saying and ask them questions. People like to talk about themselves, so you can have a great conversation with someone (in their mind) without ever really saying much yourself.

  4. Confidence - This really ties into the other 3. If you lack confidence, you probably won’t be either of those things.

I’m sure there are others but that’s my experience.

Why I think I’m a cool cat: By Jack Burton

Am I really writing this?

Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: tbh, I think a lot of people have different ideas of what “cool” is. Some might say they like me because I’m funny. Some might say that I’m compassionate (stay away from those people. They’re fuckin’ crazy). Some might say it’s because I have a decent style.

To all of those people I say phooey. I do what I do because I like it. I try different things because I might like it (I might even let my girl milk my prostate. As long as she’s not a dirty Filipino). Some people don’t agree with some things I say, but I don’t mind when they say they think I’m full of shit. Most of the time I think they’re full of shit so it works out.

Veg, when you get married, are you going to post less or will the quality of your posts decline? Because if any of those situations might happen, I might have to object.

It’s all about connections. Of course, you have to be cool to get connections in the first place.

Charisma and self-esteem.

[quote]DickBag wrote:
i try to avoid any form of cool because today’s cool is tomorrow’s douche.


Words of wisdom.

Screw you losers… I’m waaayy too cool to be hanging around this thread.

dons his bowler hat and evening jacket and leaves this thread

Yeah, that’s right. Cool people wear bowler hats and evening jackets. And use semi-archaic words like “don.” Yep.

I’m one cool cat. I work in a little steel box on a ship in the middle of the ocean. When my shift starts I turn all four A/C’s on and make that little steel box into a meat locker. All my co-workers are like, “Dude, its like, totally cold in here, can we turn off the A/C?” They’re all wearing parkas and ear muffs, I’ve got my coveralls tied around my waste and sporting a tank top while kickin’ back, relaxin’. And I say, “No Way Mannn, it’ld be all hot and sshit in here and sshit, mannn.” They’re all like, “Dude, you’re so totally right and shit, man. What were we thinking, dude.” And I’m like, “That’sss right mannn, that’ss right. Maybe, if y’all are cold y’all should go outside and do some pushupss and sshit, and then it would feel really cool in here when y’all get back in here and sshit, mannn.”

Now I have “Cool for Cats” stuck in my head.

Fuck you, OP.

[quote]pushmepullme wrote:
Now I have “Cool for Cats” stuck in my head.

Fuck you, OP.[/quote]

Don’t worry… I still have Toto stuck in my head from an earlier post I made.

I fail worse.

Good sense of humor

Has smaller arms than me, otherwise my ego will get hurt.

Knows how to have a good time

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Indeed; try to be cool, and you fail. You have to let it come naturally.



I just wear a white T Shirt and a black leather jacket…All the time. Oh, plus I go around with my thumbs up, saying A all the time.

It’s a mixture of charisma, sociability, not caring what anybody thinks, but not taking shit off anyone, and being cool under pressure. Some of it has to come natural, some it can be improved with work.

What makes me cool:

I taught myself ebonics

I watched all the Cheech & Chong movies

I still have a subscription to Tiger Beat magazine so I am up on all the hip trends and fashions.

Tatoo on left ass-cheek that reads: “One cool dude!” with an arrow pointed at my bung hole.

Oh, yeah! everyone constantly tells me how rad I am.

just look at my pics

I think one of the most stupid things is that a lot of people’s idea of being cool is imitating rappers.

…instead of being themselves.