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You Think This Is Real? Hiroshima Survivor



I guess inner beauty is where it's at!


Damn man, what's with all the sick shit.

Although this wasn't as bad as the emo.


Documentingreality.com is a great source for all sorts of twisted stuff. But these pics make the guy look like an old Uruk-hai. That is why I'm wondering if they are real...


Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you really get off on watching shit like this?


Its hard to tell. It seems to be from a human interest TV show. The captions don't really say anything useful, just stuff like "I'm fortunate to have relatives in my hometown" and that sort of thing.

The Hiroshima bomb museum has a bunch of photos and sculptures of victims, and he does look pretty much in check with some of them. However, most Hiroshima victims who were THAT badly disfigured later succumbed to cancer.

Poor guy though....damn.


why the fuck does that website have 'oh well sorry but you need to REGISTER AT OUR SHITTY FORUMS NOW if you want to read our threads"


Comments are a bit harsh, considering these people were just civilians.


Just register, it's 2 minutes of work. Horriffic pics and vids over there...


scribbles in notebook

"Never click on links from John Q. Adequate, he is a sick fucker"

Closes notebook, and resumes work day


Fuck that shit. Mofos over there who post comments are just plain childish and fuckin ignorant.

"That's what you get for fucking with the west" WTF? You kidding me? Now that crazy little midget up in North Korea is gonna fucking blow us all up cuz of this shit.


Oh the irony...


I cried a little when I was in the Hiroshima museum. Call me a pussy or whatever else you want to call me, but the human capacity to hurt each other makes me sick to my stomach.


Tempted, but I'm gonna resist..... But I know what you mean and I don't think I'm that bad, am I?


I agree. Scary thing is kids see a troll say this, think it's for real and adopt that as an acceptable way to think. As for this dude, he looks like they used his likeness for like every nuclear mutant apocalypse movie and game ever, so he should get royalties.


My bad, I thought you were doing it on purpose. Lol, I thought i was just pointing out some good subtle humor...




I wonder what other issues he might had had... internally?


I think we need more cats....