You’re Doing It Wrong, Oral Edition

Some things are a tradition because, well, they’re a tradition. We do things because “that’s the way it’s been done” and getting outside of that zone is hard. That mentality is very, very present in the world of steroids. And we’re all guilty of it in one form or another.

So today I posit a theory—based on some simple science and general observations—that almost everyone who uses oral steroids is simply doing it wrong.

How many times has this cycle been run:

”I’m running test e 500mg/w for 12 weeks, with 50mg dbol the first four weeks as a kickstart”

That cycle has been done to death. And it’s just flat out stupid. It’s based on little more than the visual effects of the dbol, which can be dramatic those first few weeks. But what are you actually getting? Water and glycogen, right?

”But the test takes a while to kick in, so I wanted to get going right away”

Get going with what, exactly? You think you are putting on muscle by week two? You think that’s what that is? You think that by week two your test levels aren’t already supraphysiological? Because they are. No, you haven’t hit that peak point where you’re going to stay at for the duration of the cycle, but you’re way beyond where you were an hour before your first pin. What you’ve done is front-loaded strength gains, which are temporary on dbol, and you’ve added a lot of messy weight that will not be there two months from now. By the time your test has fully engaged you’re not that much further ahead in terms of actual muscle growth. Know when you will be in a great position to use an oral like dbol?

The end of your cycle.

Think about it for a moment. What’s the point of running a test cycle? More muscle, right? In your experience, how many guys put on real, quality muscle in four weeks? If someone came on here and said they were running a four week test prop cycle what would be the response? We’d tell him that four weeks isn’t long enough to make it worth it. So why are those four weeks different than the ones I’m talking about? (Hint: they’re not)

The best you’ll ever be on cycle is towards the end. After you’ve been grinding for 10 weeks, eating well, training hard, and putting on appreciable size, your body is getting used to this new paradigm. And then like a thief in the night it is stolen away. The injections stop, the half-lives start to dissipate, and then pct begins. Those last few weeks are underutilized by almost everyone I’ve ever seen here or any other forum. So why keep doing it that way?

”That’s the way it’s been done”

I propose instead a cycle with an oral that makes use of your time and your personal momentum in a better, smarter way.

Weeks 1-12
Test E 500mg/w

Weeks 10-14
Dbol 20mg/d

Weeks 14-18

Notice that the dbol continues after the test has stopped? Know why? Because it’s so fucking stupid to stop everything, wait two weeks, then hope like Hell that you can hold onto what you gained after pct is over. Those two weeks where you’re not pinning are wasted by almost every single person who’s ever run a cycle. Your testosterone levels are dropping as the half-lives are cycled through. You go from on top of the world to 87 year old man in those two weeks (probably closer to three, honestly, but who’s counting?). Rather than accept that condition you could be using that oral—in this example dbol—to maintain some size and strength as you coast into pct. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend another two weeks at high levels of performance in order to let that new muscle keep being worked? It certainly would be better than simply rolling into pct on fumes, as your test levels hit zero, and hoping that your recovery doesn’t cost you too much of what you just earned.

tl;dr You’re stronger and more muscular at the end of a cycle than at the beginning, so stop trying to use orals to make fake gains at the start and instead try to hold on to what you’ve got at the end.


I agree!

Iv always been a proponent of using orals towards the end it has just seemed like common sense.

I think a lot of the people who use orals as a “kick start” generally are in search of instant gratification they tend to also front load long esters at ridiculous amounts.

I think the best kick start to a cycle if one insist is using a ace, prop, or p-prop oil or possibly even a base with longer ester.

The whole kick start oral thing IMO is gym rat bro science.

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Nice post brother Yuppie

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I also enjoyed the read. You make an excellent argument and I concure. If PCT is a requirement then why not try it. Not everything old school is worth keeping around. They were experimenting just like we are. There is no magic in there shit I was there. They were no different than us.
As a person on TRT and old as dirt I have no need for aas’s I just fall back on my TRT lvl and continue to cruise until my next blast. My old liver can’t take the abuse of an aas besides I prefer to pickle it with Wild Turkey. We all pick our poison, haha

Oral Kickstarts are due to impatience from individuals looking for quick results. The enhanced “look” these orals give can’t be denied though. Hence I’ve always wondered something else. What if people ran orals the same way they ran injectables, albeit at much lower doses


250mg test/wk + 5-10mg Dbol/winny or whatever/ day for 19 wks

But then again, if this is the case, might as well just not use the orals, they’re riskier. Or on the other hand, if someone was using them for a strength boost or for a certain “look”, wouldn’t it be wise to solely use the orals for the “look” a few days to a week out prior to an event?

Idk how long it takes these orals to work their “magic” as I’ve never used them. Does winstrol give a lean individual the erect penis look in a few days? A week? I don’t know, however theoretically it’d be smarter to just use it for a super short period of time leading up to said event right? Less strain on the body.

Only think I like about orals is the lower dose of total mg one needs for gains. Use 20mg of anadrol/day + 100mg test/wk I’d assume one would gain more muscle mass than 300mg test alone

That being said the lower mg amount required gives the mere illusion of safety, it’s about individual compounds. 500mg test isn’t the same as 500mg tren or primo etc

could the same be applied to those who blast and cruise? so use the oral of your choice whilst having 2 weeks left of blasting then 2 weeks of cruising or is this notion pointless? rather run it the last 4 weeks of a blast?

I think it can be applied to a blast and cruise approach as well. It’s likely less effective that way, since the cruise is good at maintaining a healthy level of testosterone whereas in my original example someone would be in limbo before pct. But the logic still fits.

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