You might be a T-WOMAN if....

haha, good one davo2.

if you stake out the FedEx guy waiting for your Grow and Surge LOL!!

ROFL Merlin.

Those are T-She-men, with more androgens floating around in them than you or I will EVER have no matter how many cycles we do. Those chciks are hardcore nymphos because of all the Test they do. Gross.

…You come complete with your own penis.

Don’t jump down my throat or anything - I’m all for the whole “fitness” deal and all, but I think it gets a little freaky when they start sucking back steroids and their clitorises start looking like lil’ penises (penii?)

Clitormagally or whatever its called - not pretty.

Oh, and China? I don’t consider it a plus if your sex drive is so high you want your boyfriend to turn over so you can give it to him when he’s too tired to give it you :smiley: I also thought only men bragged about their “hot cars”… Gender check, my friend.

I guess bodybuilding almost kind of like a sport. :wink:

damn, Chinadoll sounds like the ultimate t-vixen, If the sex drive is too much for most mortals, Im sure anyone of us t-men would gladly take care of it:)

Boy it has been awhile since I have posted, and it appears I have missed a lot.

“…You come complete with your own penis.”

That isn’t the definition of a T-Woman at all. Have you ever even looked at the articles? You seriously need to educate yourself before you make completely uninteligent comments like that.

There a lot more women on here who take training seriously than there are GIRLS on here that do only cardio and curls with pretty pink dumbells.

Ericka, Ericka…

Is your new favorite passtime following me around forums and trying to dog me for everything I say?

I love how you’re constantly on me about what I DON’T know, while spewing all kinds of bollocks about me that you have no knowledge of :smiley:

ROFL… Have fun… :smiley: