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You might be a T-Man if...

You might be a T-Man if…

If people in your gym look at you funny when you do any exercise besides curl or bench.

The best use for steppers is for box squats.

You laugh at bowflex comercials.

you fart a lot from protein shake consumption

you do GHRs

You deadlift

You full squat or squat at all

You do diffrent exercises every week

You do oly lifts

You’ve rehabbed painful injuries based on t-mag articles (cant thank Eric Cressey for that rotator cuff article man)


I think you either are drinking some bad protein or you have digestive issues :stuck_out_tongue:

your chest is involuntarily twitching from the EDT you did to it 6 hours ago as you type this…

You know who DT,CW,CT are.

You find yourself talking about the intricasies of nutrition with bewildered people.

You find yourself thinking about how much you’d like to be lifting when you should be concentrating on _________.

Your weeks/months are designated as mass gaining or cutting.

You casually read threads about steroid use without raising an eyebrow.

You might be a T-Man if:

  1. Your rent or Mortgage is late
  2. Your gym dues are paid in advance
  3. You buy your protein powder by the
    10LBs bag ON
  4. Costco Warehouse delivers a pallet
    of Tuna a year to your house.
  5. All other billing is paid
    automatically online, because you
    don’t have time.
  6. You do your cardio in the day and
    lift in you deams.
  7. And the last thing would be you
    take Mag10 daily because you forgot
    which cycle you are on; ON/OFF

You might be a T-man if…

-You do money shots
-You find yourself laughing at people in the gym
-You are a Ranger
-You bitch about “soft” music in the gym
-You hate when people do curls in the squat rack
-You think Andrew Dice Clay is the greatest comedian in the world



  1. you run out of room for 45s on the leg press.

  2. you ask the ‘staff’ where the 100# plates are.

  3. the next day muscle pain makes you smile.

  4. you know why there are sets of duck taped boards in the gym.

  5. it takes you a sec to decide between getting laid and setting a PR in the gym

you skip class to go to the gym

you drink a shake in calc

the girl next to you in calc switches seats with the guy behind you

your shins are hairless/skinless or the fronts of your pants have holes in them

and MB, i’ve always farted alot, even before i lifted. the protein shakes just make it worse.

When you tell the hot woman at the gym who was checking you out to hold on for a minute while you finish your last 2 sets…THEN she can get a piece of you…

FOrgot to add this:

…and she actually waits…

You migh be a T-Man if:

Guys in your gym are scared to ask what you bench.

You don’t think about Cali when hear “WestSide.”

“Hardcore” isn’t only an adjective for porn.

You think the guys that work at GNC are morons.

Wearing spandex, shaving all body hair, and standing around posing on a stage in tights is normal to you.

You might be a T-Man if…

You’ve ever had to explain what the hell it is you’re doing and why it’s not dangerous to the “fitness professional” at your gym who thinks you’re trying to kil yourself when really you’re just pulling off a couple sets of (insert exercise of choice here).

People at your gym are afraid to spot you by themselves

You’re not at the gym to pick up (but you’ll be done soon, then you can spare a few minutes for the stairmaster girl)

Just a few thoughts

Vitamin T said
“Wearing spandex, shaving all body hair, and standing around posing on a stage in tights is normal to you.”

The topic is “You might be a T-MAN if…” not “You might be GAY if…”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


the dude ‘ass to ankle’ squatting 465# bypasses bigger guys and asks you for a spot because “I’ve seen how you handle the weights in here”.

after getting dead busted checking out the glutes on the hottie doing GMs, you apologize and in response she says “thanks for noticing” and later on you catch her checking you out doing deads.

…what a wonderful way to start a week.

Got to go with DinoMite and his comments… LOL…

You take a big drink of water in between sets, slobber all down the front of yourself, and don’t even care.

You get emotional about lifting when you’re talking to the less informed.

A Rage Against the Machine song reminds you of an awesome leg day.

You’re so baked after a worrkout that all you and your partner can do is laugh.

–Maybe more later

…You laugh at frat boys doing curls where they swing the bar more than they actually curl it

…you accidently start a discussion group in the gym about the best way to squat

…you’ve ever gotten in a yelling match about post workout carbs