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You may need this

As a long time T-mag reader, I know some of you may ridicule this. But my sincere hope is that for those of you who really need help, even if you don’t want to admit it, will find it here.





Give up porn? I’d rather not breathe.

I can stop any time I want!

Hey, thats my girlfriend you bastard. How did you get that picture.

Is this some kind of sick joke?

I can stop any time I want! In fact, I stopped yesterday. (I started again today.)

I wonder if the people at SA meetings are easy? If I showed up macking it hardcore, or I brought along that dude that jerked off in front of ScrubMD, would the whole support group degenerate into a big orgy?

Seriously, sexual compulsiveness is kind of an interesting topic, but I don’t like how the only people visibly offering solutions are couching it in hyper-religiosity.

If you have feelings of guilt about masturbating or being gay, you have a problem. What needs to be changed is not your sexuality, but your religious orientation that is making you feel guilty.

Please be joking. Give up the pleasure of watching young coeds get cummed on while putting an innocent smile on?

Bah, I’d rather die.