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You Mad Bro? (Video)


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So I don't understand the racist aspect of the sign?

Inflammatory, un-sportsman like sure.

Why kick up shit where there is none? Racism will live as long as people, all people, let it.


This video is sponsored by 100% white guilt and 0% understanding of meme speak.



I talked to a friend about this last night.

The thing is it looks like a black team vs a white team so there may have been a racial theme to a lot of the week leading up to the game...always was when I played against white schools.

"bro" could be taken as nggr..as brotha means black man usually...

the black team may not be as in tune with internet lingo as the white one

thats where the misunderstanding comes from..plus the older people have no idea either

of course it isnt racist.....but as dre said not everyone spends time on the internet forums and can identify memes....

ridiculous story but that is the disconnect between people who live on the net and people who probably dont


Cool story bro



Hatas gon hate




I've been on a bus out of hostile parking lots with my helmet still on because the home fans were trying to bust our windows out with trash cans and rocks and what not.

Happened more than once.

So all this hubbub regarding this story is pretty ridiculous if that's the worst thing that happened.

Parents should let their kids know that if they don't want that kind of taunting at the end of a game that they lost, stop fucking LOSING. It's a pretty strong life lesson right there. Nobody is going to give you an inch or respect you if you lose.

Parents should be parenting, not on TV Whining.


over 9000


I don't know what a meme is but white suburban kids have been running around in backwards hats, reef flip flops and cargo shorts saying things like "whats up bro, hey bro, how are you bro, Brooooo!" since before the internet existed.

The video I saw showed two interracial teams. I don't know. There could have been some racial tension leading up to it but the video didn't show any, nor did anyone interviewed discuss any surrounding issues. Just the sign.

I remember playing black schools. They would always say shit like "I'm going to run your white ass over, I'm going to chalk the field with your white ass, I'm going to take your white girlfriend out tonight" blah blah blah. I played for Katy though, Texas HS football legends, and during a championship decade so we always won and it didn't mean much but I remember thinking wow! What if I threw "black ass" in to my shit talking? Undoubtdedly I would have been suspended, maybe kicked off the team and who knows what all if I said it just one time, vs. hearing it all game long, all season long. Not that it makes any racism right, just saying.

I know the whole racism/reverse racism thing is tired but shit, surfer/suburban lingo on a spirit banner just seems like a silly target for racism pundits to get all riled up at.


Off topic but I went to Southlake Carroll. In my 4 years of high school, we went undefeated 3 times, won 3 state championships and went undefeated the 4th year only to lose to Katy by 1 point at state championship.


You mad bro?


In true meme style, does this mean that "you mad, bro?" will become a racial slur after this?


needless to say... he mad...