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You Learn Something Every Day


Thread to store your daily wisdom acquisition. You learn a little every day, especially if you're as ignorant as I am.

Day 1.

I shall start. Never give a dog black pudding. He will enjoy it, but you won't.


Carrots were originally purple.


Why is a carrot more orange than an orange?


Because of the Netherlands, I think.


If you run in the rain, you will get about 50% wetter than if you stood still.

I learned that on Myth Busters.


Cause orange as a description is recent. That's why various things are still described as red when they are actually orange - like lady birds. Red in every kid's book but orange in reality.

It was on QI


The west coast of the American continents is on the Pacific Ocean. I have always known that, but Steppenwolfe just learned that, it seems. :wink:


The word orange came from the Arabs who brought oranges to Europe.


Wait a second. First of all who calls them lady birds? It's lady bugs! And some of them are red!


I learned, about 25-30 years ago from a He-man comic that there is a number called Google. It's 1 followed by a hundred zero's.


Googol :wink:






I don't think the HTML here can handle certain grammatical symbols, letters with tildes being one of them, so it defaults to whatever that is up there.


What, the bloke who wrote dead souls?



I may have spelt googol wrong, but if I write "touche", with the accent and everything, then they'll think I'm clever...


Shh, don't type so loudly or they'll hear your plan!


Ughh! Is that like factory farmed salmon or from near a nuclear plant or something? Anyway... It was on QI so it must be true...


I can't wait until the next time I'm in the rain and wish to remain dry. I'm just going to stand still and see what happens.



I'm going to watch as all the FOOLS are running to get out of the rain to stay dry. Laughing in my head knowing how much more wet they're getting than me.

Really useful tip. Thanks.