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You Know You've Been Training MMA too Much


when someone gives you a hug and you pummel for double unders.

when you bump into someone and have a conversation with your feet in your boxing stance.

when all conversations end with "we should spar sometime".

when you shake someones hand with your thumb on the inside.

**Michelle Waterson, 8-3 in MMA


When you're constantly trying to convince people (via threads) that you're a "bad-ass" MMA fighter.






When your jokes make bro-tards think you're bragging.


I actually have done this. Luckily it was a cousin of mine and not someone I needed to worry about looking like too much of a jackass in front of.


lol when I used to train muay thai...anytime I'd go to hug my girlfriend she'd be like :slight_smile: hugs!...BUT NO, i'd switch fast and put the clinch on her! haha she hated it so much.


I talked to a guy who said ' man, I love to be in side control with my girl...'He meant spooning.


you're watching "A Christmas Story" and you're yelling at Scott Farkas to shrimp out of the mount


Hahaha I love this thread!

When instead of high fiving friends you leg kick them.


lol...good one.


You squeal like a girl whenever someone in a movie attempts any kind of submission. You are usually the only one in the theater doing so.

Whenever a movie character attempts an RNC or an armbar, you critique, and often scoff at, their technique.


I wouldn't mind rolling with her. Preferably no-gi.


me too


Heh, since when does anyone in a movie know how to RNC? They usually do the goofy Hollywood choke, where you extend your arms out like Frankenstein and try to choke them with your fingers. And the alleged hardened, trained warriors in these movies are somehow unable to break the choke.


I see RNC a lot in films actually, especially more recent films. It's never done right though, but occasionally you'll see something like an armwrap choke from guard (Inception) and shed tears at the awesome.


Actually Jack Bauer does some nice RNC


what's weird, is how often this happens in real life, especially in spousal/domestic assaults..... no idea why.


This weekend my girlfriend put on my sunglasses, she says "Did somebody sit on these?" But that's just how much I've gotta bend them up to make them sit level on my face lol