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You Know You're Old When...


People were phoning in with these on the radio the other day,

You know you are old when....."you see a young lady in a short skirt and you think 'CORRR I bet she's cold'"

You know you are old when "you can't get up and down off the sofa without going Arrgghhhh!"

^^^ I've noticed I actually do this now!

You're a witty bunch, any others?


You know you're old when you're discussing TV shows with another guy and he says "I didn't know William Shatner was in a series before T. J. Hooker".

(It really happened. And I saw the original Trek when it first aired.)


...when you think high rep squats are a good idea!


When you see a young lady in a short skirt and you walk into a telephone pole.

have done this.


When you can remember not having a Tv in the house.

Your dad buying his first car.

The beatles on top of the pops.

Hiding behind the sofa during the first doctor who/daleks escapade.


when you have multi-focus contact lenses and still put on reading glasses to read the newspaper


Hahaahahhaahahhahaha damn so I am not the only one.

When you see a hot young lady and think "Man my son would be all over that"


When you see the toys you played with as a kid at Antique Fairs.


You use 'whipper snapper' in a sentence


You know you're old when you fall asleep and someone has to check to make sure you're not dead.



You know you're old when you don't want to put candles on your cake for fear of global warming.



When you're music is "classic rock" - you're old.


omg, you're such a whipper snapper for saying that. I mean, who the fuck doesn't like classic rock?

And put your clothes on and get off my lawn. Damn kids...no self control.


You know you're old when "tightening your belt" is uncomfortable for your armpits.

HAHAHA! Sigh...


Love you!

puts on cool ray bans, jumps in convertible camaro and speeds away


RIGHT THAT'S IT young lady!!

Have some respect for your elders. I'll put an end to this before you put..

"you know you're old when you smell of piss" or some such.

I don't know, kids today wouldn't have gotten away with it in my day.


You use 'kids today' in a sentence


Or have Ray Bans or a camero


Or would see Maschy naked on your front lawn and would have a problem with that. Might as well take me out behind the shed and shoot me. Life is effectively over at that point.


No man you would forget that she was there when you went back inside to get your gun, then remember that you are not wearing pants so when you go upstairs to get your pants you realize you have not taken your 3rd nap for the day and then when you wake up you still have no pants and then have to go downstairs to remember what today is and walk out side to see if it is day or night and then see Maschy naked and be mad cause she is standing in your rose bushes and go back up stairs to get your gun......