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You Know You're Growing When...

[quote]Phreaks wrote:
Sir wrote:

I’m gonna pickup a weightbelt this coming weekend and see if that might take some of the stress off

Damn man, I don’t do any major lifts like squats, deadlifts, etc. without a belt. I cant see how you can feel comfortable putting that kind of pressure on your back and not supporting it with something. I understand a no belt set for warmup weights, but once those plates pile on you should use a belt just to help prevent injury. Although I would recommend that you first make sure your back is healed before doing any more heavy squats I know you won’t so all I can say that the belt is a great investment and you’ll probably be able to go even heavier than you are going now.[/quote]

Uhm…belts are unnecessary. It’s a personal choice, but there have been articles that have discussed their shortcomings and benefits.

I am 180 lbs and deadlift over 500 lbs and I never wear a belt. I have one and started to use it, but it became a crutch. It did increase my max lift by around 30 lbs or so, but I feel that it takes away from the whole point; to allow your body to adapt to the load and not need any extra support.

[quote]Trenchant wrote:
Drummer and or Sir, what types of programs did you do (i.e. rest periods, frequency of squatting, additional lifts such as split squats or leg press). I’m very curious[/quote]

Nothing special at all. I just do 5 sets of 6 for a month or two, then switch up my rep scheme to 5 sets of 12 for another month or two. My max goes up 10 - 20 lbs a week and never seems to stop. Then again, I am a pretty big guy if you go by frame, so I guess it’s just my strength catching up to my frame size. Then I do lag curls, leg extensions, and leg presses. That’s all.

I don’t really count rest periods.
I have pretty long rest periods though because I go all out when I squat. 3 - 5 minute rest periods. Once I am past squats, the rest periods drop to 30 seconds - 2 minutes or so, depending on how I’m feeling. I squat every 4 - 5 days. I only do back squats of different stances and sometimes front squats, and I always go full. No hack, box, split squats or anything like that.

Also, no belt is used. I actually lift more without them.

[quote]T-Beast wrote:
im squatting 245 5x5 once a week, on tren acet, first cycle, went from 135 to here withing 2 months, great strenght gains but not so much size, the hypertrophy taining, can someone give me some more details about it? i thought squattting heavy 5x5 3 times a weeks would kill. [/quote]

Merry Christmas.

Congrats, on steroids, you squat less then an average high school athlete.

Ditch the gear, eat food, and talk to your source again when you’re squatting 2x your bodyweight for 20 reps.

[quote]Trenchant wrote:
Drummer and or Sir, what types of programs did you do (i.e. rest periods, frequency of squatting, additional lifts such as split squats or leg press). I’m very curious[/quote]

I was just doing a 10,8,8,6,4, rep scheme with 1-2min rest periods. I’m pretty sure I went up that much in weight in that short of a time simply because I never really went heavy before. And I trained legs twice a week. I only did Squats and Keystone Deadlifts.

I’m doing the blending size and strength program right now. Gonna do that for 12wks…then probably just go back to pure hypertrophy for another 8-12wks. I want to try that Austrian Oak Blast, but don’t think it’s worth it until I can get my squat to 350…hopefully I’ll be there in 3 months.

thanks, Sir. Hopefully, I’ll catch up to you!

Yup, its always the pants. And the stretch marks. Damn stretch marks.

I’m in the same boat as everyone else on the pants. I had the super fashionable ripped and torn jeans when I was in high school, and also a bunch of really expensive jeans that were supposed to fit tight like they do on a model. Then I started doing full body workouts 3x a wk starting each session with squats, deadlifts, or front squats. I had to buy new pants within 3 months. And I gained about 20 lbs in my thighs and hamstrings. My thighs went from about 22" to 25 currently. And I have stretch marks in the groin area. And with the newfound muscle I went from a chubby 225 to having my top 2 abs visible at 215. Obviously I still have a ways to go before all 6 are always visible, but the weight has been coming off easier since the muscle gain.

As for the guy taking roids squatting 245. Wow. Just wow. what a moron. Him and his pro bodybuilder friend give the rest of the guys that come on this site regularly and work hard a terrible name. He is the reason steroids illegal and have such a bad name in the U.S. When taken like that they are dangerous and bad for your health.

agreed, ungs9. I don’t know why someone would take roids to get to 245. The only situation I can see there is if someone had a hormonal imbalance. Other than that, I really don’t see the need.

i feel emo wearing my stone-wash AE jeans with my lifting chuck taylors. babies hug my thighs and bell out at the bottom. damn it sucks, favorite pair of jeans

heh I almost never wear jeans or pants unless I have too, so I never notice tightness wearing shorts and athletic pants.