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You Know You're Cool When


You take pics of not just yourself, but you and two other guys... using a mirror. Could you not just get somebody to take the picture? Why is everybody looking away? Is there some hot girl (or guy) off to the side? Why didn't he take the picture then? I thought bandanas and spikey hair diet out 5 years ago?

Fuck me, I guess I was wrong.

Yes, I love to judge.


Sweet!! spikey hair is back?!?!?


Yep, time to grow out my pubes and style them into liberty spikes style mohawk.


Where did you get that pic from anyways?


Girl on my facebook just added this guy, and I took it off his profile.

I told her about how I posted here and everything, here's a bit of the MSN convo.

-{J}- says:
oh my god
-{J}- says:
especially the dude on the left
-{J}- says:
shitty leather jacket
-{J}- says:
but the sweat band and spikes kill me
Sia - says:
lmao i only know the guy in the purple
-{J}- says:
the guy on the right is funny too
-{J}- says:
he looks so out of place
-{J}- says:
like some emo kid
Sia - says:
-{J}- says:
dude in the middle is just a gigantic fashion whore
-{J}- says:
like he has every single article of clothing modeled in europe's new trend of dressing like 80s hip hop artists
-{J}- says:

-{J}- says:
slap a giant clock on him and he's basically ice cube
Sia - says:


Haha funny but they don't look that bad. You sure your not just jealous your gf added a new guy friend? Ill say all 3 of them need to add some weight. Skinny jeans show it all!


I've never actually met the girl I was talking to. I honestly wouldn't have thought twice about it if it wasn't for Mr. Spikes.

"Laughing at others is always a good way to feel better. I'm and I'm tired of the one being laughed at!" - Homer Simpson


I hope more people around campus start wearing spikey hair, I look cool as shit with messy spikey hair. For the time being though I'm a non-geller.


The guy on the left looks like paulie malignaggi.


Here's a young Iron Dwarf (in 1986) sportin' a Billy Idol look.





Haha, nice jean jacket :wink:


Don't you mock Billy Idol. I had a thing for him. I think I still do.

I'm off to listen to White Wedding.


So I bet you woulda hooked up with Iron Dwarf back in the day?


lmao i feel like i just went through a time machine.

did you star as the rebel guy that all the girls loved in a movie about teenage angst?


Iron Dwarf you bad ass!! Lol! How come only 1 arm in the jacket?

"Cause that's how I rocked it for the ladies in the eighties"


i have spikey hair...is that bad? lol idc cause everyone gives me compliments on it =)


word. thatd actually be considered a dope haircut these days lol well not "dope" but youd fit in, i guess lol...just bustin your balls dude.


why are you so mad?


Sia obviously has brains to burn