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You Know Your Girl is Great When...


....you're able to watch two horrible movies with her - George of the Jungle (yes, the Disney version with Brendan Frasier) and The Wedding Planner (yes, the one with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McCona-gay) back-to-back - without getting bored or looking at your watch.

....the other girls on her dorm refer to her as "Spider Killer" because shes the only one thats not afraid of killing spiders with her hands.



I thought you were going to say something about deadlifting. that is a top five criteria.


wow yer dumn. George of Jungle with Fraser is frickin awesomenesszorz.


goddamn it yes ! chicks who deadlift turn me into a drooling noodle. but don't tell them. they have no frickn idea dl's give them that power.


She can suck a bowling ball through a garden hose......


oh yeah and deadlift too....


I like George of the Jungle. It's a kids movie. It was made for kids, yet clever for the poor bastards that have to watch the kids.

Ever look after kids. Ever watch the same move over a 100 times. If I gave you George of the Jungle, or The Master of Disguise. You are picking George.

Judge a movie on it's target market.


What is it with girls and horses?


Dunno, but I think that's why my girlfriend picked me.


....she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

And yeah, DL's add to the whole package.


She tells you, "Win, Rocky, Win"!!!


No snatch jokes yet?


...She's got a big snatch.

(Happy now, Michael?)


she has no gag reflex. Fuck deadlifting...


Well, I guess I can set my mind at rest now. I had expected a more proactive approach, though.


jsbrook, you continue to interject words of wisdom with each of your posts.



hehe. Thanks. I think this might be the most sage, enlightened one yet. certainly the least controversial...lol


Just tell it like it is.


Umm, that is a text book response. But do you really want a HUGE snatch? I picture huge flanks of meat curtains blowing in the quief breezes. Not sure I am down with that. more of a tight and tidy guy myself.

But that's just my interpretation. . . of the sicheeatshun. go ahead and marinade on that for a minute.


Indeed a non partisan issue if there ever was one!