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You Know You Read T-Nation When..


Funny story.

I was at the gym, wearing my spiffy T-Nation tee shirt. I saw a guy there who is in one of my classes. He was doin deads. Interesting I thought.

So I go about my workout and he comes up to me and asks if that's a T-Nation shirt. I said sure is!

He went on about how he loved this site, etc.

I told him I wasn't surprised he was a reader and he is like oh yeah? Why is that?

I said because, you are the only other person doing deads. He laughed.

After he left someone else came up and said. I can tell you are a T-Nation reader, and didn't need your tee shirt to tell me.

How's that, I asked.

He laughed and said, any other person would have skipped the workout and gone home if they forgot their tennis shoes!

I looked down at my socks and work shoes and laugh.

"No Excuses!" I said back.

I proceeded to have a killer workout


you open up this thread.


When you're in serious conflict to tell someone they're performing the ugliest deadlift of their life. Or to keep your mouth shut.


You lift something that is oddly shaped or somehow wierd, then try to develope a workout around it.


I've got an even funnier story. You're an avid read of the T-Nation site, love the wealth of information posted almost daily, happen to run into the a guy wearing a T-Nation shirt who's also in one of your classes, and then happen to stumble across his recollection of you commenting on his sweet t-shirt the next day on the website.

By the way Allen (I think that's your name), do you think our instructor Roman Ivanchenko reads this site?

This has been some weird deja vu!



Whoa! That's cool. :smiley:


That's funny, when I wear my old Testosterone shirt everyone askes me if I take steriods and I get a lot of funny looks.


Back in January I was lifting in my old high school gym with the football team. I've never seen back-rounding like this before, and on a TRAP BAR deadlift.
I pointed this out to the assistent coach who blew it off saying, "that's what the belt's for." I looked at him like he was nuts and asked if he had ever read up on the posterior chain and lifting EVER. What an idiot.


...when you wear Converse Chuck Taylor's to the office.

...when you begin to enjoy the taste of natural peanut butter.

...when you go to Home Depot looking for exercise equipment.

...when you're stuck in traffic, and glance around at the other cars thinking "I could deadlift that one, rope pull that one, flip that one..."

...when you see the letters P+C or P+F and you get hungry.


When you call every tire co in town looking for old tractor tires to haul away for them.

When you see the budwieser truck and wonder about empty kegs.