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You Know You Are Progressing When,,,


You go to take off your jacket and you hear it starting to rip from the back.

Anyone else have any interesting moments that showed their growth progress?


You are about to get flamed...



True, yet sort of embarrassing story:

I realized that I was truly eating big when I developed an anal fissure because of how much food I was eating. No joke.


Ahahaha that's great.

You know you're progressing when winter comes and none of your jeans from last year fit.


You know you're progressing when...

...you lift more weight than you use to?





You can gain strength and not gain weight. That's also not interesting.




WHAT that's crazy man lol.

So true, and shirts too, so hard to buy fitted shirts that will look good for more than a few months.


Buy clothes that fit?


ery time u see a medical profeshonal dey tell u: "umm, steroidz r bad and stuff...ok?"



You know your progressing when the last girl you got drunk and had sex with claims you raped her the next day.


When you notice that you've been wearing jogging pants more than normal because they are just more comfortable than your jeans that feel too tight.


This is me all the time lately. I really need to buy new jeans but I'd much rather buy more bumper plates...


when people call you fat you really know you are getting somewhere


Girls always seem to have their hands on you for no clear reason except to touch you.

People start paying to take your nude photos.

You lift more weight than before.

Your friends make fun of you for eating constantly and not drinking as much.

Weights start moving just from looking at them.

people discussing TV shows makes you physically cringe.

Everybody asks you to help them move even though you have no truck or license.

Applying for a new job the first thing you think about is when you'll lift and how you'll be able to keep eating enough.

You beat your drunk friends in a fight by just standing there and letting them wear themselves out or hurt themselves swinging on you.

You spend way more time on TNation than on Facebook.

Taking off days makes you miserable.


I knew when I picked up a can of spinach, squeezed it and then realized that if I can squeeze a can of spinach so hard the spinach squirts 10 feet in the air then I don't need to eat said spinach.


Also...when every guy's arm I see reminds me that I need to buy more dental floss.


Also when I need to bench and don't have much time and the bench is in use....just get on the floor under the bench and bench the guy that's benching.


I knew when I used to beat up the football team to get money to pay for my science experiments. No use being a well built dumbass.