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You Know, You are Going to Pull Something ...

Ok, the warning was right for the first time. Ah well. I’ve recovered from the pull over Christmas (too much up and down the stairs followed by trying to get back to my PR on the leg press = thigh pull. Return to leg press before full recovery = delays).

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So, where am I now:

I do 25 repetitions with the ab roller (the “wheel of doom” referenced by others) once a week, sometimes twice a week.

I’ve started some mid-week sand bag exercises. Still getting the feel for those.

April 21, 2012

Leg Press: 375 lb x 9 reps (PR 440 lb or so)
Fly: 150 lb x 10 reps (PR 160 or so)
Rear Delt (fly machine reversed) 150lb x 9
Row Machine: 170 lb x 9 (PR in the mid-200s)
Rope Curl: 150 lb x 8 (PR 195 lb)
Overhead Press: 130 lb x 8
Back Machine: 300 lb x 12 (PR is the 305 machine max)
Rotary Torso: 190 lb x 8 (PR over 200)

Well, I’ve lost a lot of ground (more three work-outs ago), but I’m starting to pull back.

Did a good number of misc. Farmer’s walks today as well (since I was carrying chlorine tab buckets, chicken scratch and layer pellets around, as well as potting soil and mulch bags).

I’m 56, turn 57 in December, hope to make my PRs once again before then.

One day at a time, one lift at a time.

Hi, Elaikases, glad to have you back!

Glad you’re better. 57 is an outstanding age, btw. You still competing in/doing martial arts or has that been put off by the injury?

[quote]cavalier wrote:
Hi, Elaikases, glad to have you back![/quote]

I’m glad to be back. Glad you are still here.

[quote]hel320 wrote:
Glad you’re better. 57 is an outstanding age, btw. You still competing in/doing martial arts or has that been put off by the injury?[/quote]

The judo got put off by the rotator cuff issues. The karate was going well, but my daughter and her issues (she has Tourette’s) ended that. She needed me home.

Lifting without the martial arts as a reason behind it started to bog down. Then I pulled some muscles. But I’ve decided to just lift for the sake of lifting.

Oldest daughter got engaged this last week, brought the young man home to meet the parents. That went well, though busy.

Hel, you know you are a real inspiration to me and I’m glad to see you are still here.

Made my lifts today, saw Star Wars 3D with my daughter and her best friend who is moving away. Need to go for a walk tonight.

Finally back to 400 lb on the leg press. Hoping to be pack to my PR (465) by Christmas.

Glad to be back to consistent lifting, even if I am far from PRs right now, other than that ab roller (I should hit 30 reps, kneeling, this coming week).

Well, I’m at 30 reps on the ab roller (kneeling). Need to get more stable and consistent on the rest of my lifts, but we are all lifting as a family these days, which helps.