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You Know It's Winter When...


You get up in the morning and the windchill is at -41. Yahoo.


You wonder weither to use a shovel or a snow brush to clean your car...


It's 42 degrees, there's snow on the peaks to the east, and you think "well, probably not a good day for flip flops..."


When you're currently in the months of November to March and living in the Northern Hemisphere closer to the North Pole?


Your piss freezes before it hits the hot wire.


It is -21 one here in BC and pretty much t-shirt weather. My conditioning to cold weather is almost complete.


I'm in open-toed spring shoes and a spring dress... We'll probably get 1-2' before the end of the month, but right now it's gorgeous.


you have to wear a long sleeve shirt to eat lunch outside.


...all the hot chicks on campus hibernate until the Spring.


...you step outside to go to work, then go back in for a t-shirt.


You open your front door and see snow on the ground...in Los Angeles.


You're happy your SO picks up a few pounds.


what if you can't tell it is winter?

la la laaaa san diego rules.


...you have to stop playing beach volleyball around 5pm because it gets dark earlier due to daylight saving time not being in effect till March 15.


I'm gripping the snow shovel more often than I'm gripping the bar.