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You know, I'm a Dreamer...

long time reader, first time poster - thought I’d start things with a log

Little bout myself. 37 yrs old, teacher/coach for a high school. So schedule will be hectic for me now until Feb. What I’ll be trying to do is make a run at 225-235 lbs. while bringing strength levels way up. So without further ado - here is how things start…


Squat 135 x10, 185 x 10 - partially tore a groin muscle back in mid june, so I’m going to take things real slow with squats.

Leg press: 180 x10, 270 x 10, 430 x13

Hack squat: 120 x 10 - first time really using these - got to work on form and I think weight will take care of itself

Sldl: 135 2 x10

Leg curl 2x10

Calf raises 1x20 140, 1x15 210, 1x10 210, 1x10 140

Neck machine 2x 10 front and back

generally will be keeping protein at 300-350 g a day, with carbs coming mainly from fruit and vegis.

Little more about myself … I’ve been lifting since 2001 with varying degrees of focus and intensity. currently weigh 190, after dieting down this summer. End of May I was 210, from then til the beginning of july I lost 20 lbs. My plan now, like I mentioned earlier, is to make a run at a lean 220-225 by next August. I teach and coach football and soccer - which means that from now until the end of January I will be pretty busy after school each day. I plan on lifting 4 days a week (sunday, wednesday, thursday, and saturday) with the split broken up as follows: Sunday - legs, weds - chest, shoulders, thurs - back and traps, saturday - arms. Once soccer ends the end of january, I think I will go with a 5 or 6 day split with some energy system work to keep fat levels down. All in all I am looking forward to see where this will go. I have some definite goals in mind that are based more on measurements than max numbers - but am sure that as I grow so will my lifts.