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You Heard It Here First


Despite all his failings, Obama will go another term. Republicans didn't seize the momentum of capturing the house to put up a solid front runner. They look lost as ever and the potentials for 2012 are weak. I see it coming like I was Miss Cleo herself.


There is merit in what you are saying.


Well, I don't want to steal your thunder but I have been saying this for the past couple of months. :slightly_smiling:

No one is beating Obama. Not because he is a good President, but because he will be the best candidate on either side.


Ha. Fair enough Zeb. I'll gladly change it to 'You heard it here again'.


It would take a major screw up for Barry to not be reelected.

The main problem with the GOP is that most if not all of their contenders are pseudo bat-shit crazy. They are yesterdays news (Romney? Yea right. Huckabee? Oh please. Palin? Not a chance.) They need someone who is right of center, fiscally conservative but socially centrist. Someone who will GTFO of Iraq and Afghanistan. No one gives a shit about gays getting married or serving in the military.

How about someone who will prosecute those Wall Street CEO's who helped ruin the country ? Not one indictment, NOT ONE.


I think we have to come to the conclusion that Republicans suck dick :slight_smile:


I would not go that far, but I think that they need to consider finding some middle ground on some issues. I would rather get a part of something than all of nothing, I think the Republicans need to learn this.


Dude, and you read all that shit about banks NOT putting foreclosed homes back on the market because then the assets would be considered liabilities and make the banks' books look bad? I think the number was pretty fucking high. I'll find the article.

Wasn't it Britain where the gov gave money to the banks with the stipulation that they HAD to immediately lend it out to stimulate the economy? I'm pretty sure it was.

And I love this shit that finance people scream about how the gov shouldn't be telling banks what to do with the money from the bailout...well, DON'T TAKE THE FUCKING MONEY, THEN.

If daddy gives you a credit card, he has every fucking right to tell you what you can and cannot spend the money on. Everyone is fucked up in this country. Left, right, everyone.


I was joking , I think the Democrats suck as well , just not as much :slightly_smiling:


Anyone ever put bets down at the online sports books? I'm interested in putting a wager down on the next election. What book did you use? How do you get money in/out?


Stop it, all they did for the past 10 years was try to be more like the democrats. Giving John (middle of the road) McCain the nomination. They need to stand for something and that something is conservatism. We are going to lose in 2012 if we don't have a good enough candidate--period. And I don't see one.


Neither so I Zeb. Wrongney, Fuckabee, Newb Gingbitch, Palin, no one has the mojo to beat O'Bummer thus far.


I voted for Obama in 2008 and I think I tend to be left of you, but I wouldn't hesitate for a second to vote for the candidate you describe here. I like Obama and I respect his intelligence, but I'd rather elect a Republican willing to cockslap the criminals that ruined this country's economy and pull us out of these bullshit wars.

I think the GOP is more focused on 2016. Why run your best guy against Obama when you can waste some crazy old idiot in 2012 and then run a winner in 2016 against Clinton or Biden?


Most presidents get re-elected. Obama has huge financial backing, has the however small and criminal unions in his pocket, and the republicans haven't had a leader.


Quite often, literally.



Sooooo, you two are willing to vote for anyone promising you a witchhunt?

Well, a Mencken quote is in order:

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.




I would hardly describe the criminal prosecution of people who committed massive financial fraud a fucking witch hunt.



Now fraud is a strong word, with massive legal implications.

Almost like witchcraft and heresy.

If company A sells bundled mortgages to company B completely and utterly fails to do their job and look into those papers, fraud is not the word I would use.


That's a very simplified version of what happened. I would suggest you see "Inside Job" if you haven't. Slanted, yes, but facts are facts and the ones in that movie point toward fraud.