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You Guys Think This Could be Gyno?

I feel a very small flat mass an inch above my right nipple. 24yr old 20-25% bf

Why are you running a cycle with a fucked up hand. And empty that trash.


Not on a cycle, have low ish test. Lowest was 300 highest 575

Hate to break it too ya, but that is def gyno. I can tell with my Xray , magnifying vision.


@newbvet I thought it was just fat. How do you know it’s gyno?

I dont know its gyno and I doubt anyone else can identify what you are even talking about. What you are asking for would probably require a Dr.'s hand or some type of imaging. You may be making this a bigger issue in ur mind. If you can confirm it is gyno, depending on how long it has been, there are ways to get rid of besides surgery.

Search these forums for more info.

I thought gyno was behind the nipple, not an inch above. Go see a dr.

Tough to tell in overweight folks what is gyno and what is fat merely from a photo. You look like you “could” have gyno more than just above your nipple, but that could also just be fat. No way to know without having a doctor do a hand exam.

I’ve had gyno and gyno surgery and if I had to guess I’d say it isn’t gyno. Usually the area around your nipples will start to protrude almost like your entire areola is trying to be a nipple and you can feel a fibrous mass behind it that feels sort of like roots (everyone will have that to a certain extent but it will be much more pronounced with gyno). Yours from what I can see doesn’t look like that.

side view here. Thing is I had my doctor look at it but he literally took one finger and poked under my nipple a couple times without even taking off my shirt, and I was sitting down. He didn’t seem to take my concern seriously and really barely even checked them

Lose some body fat and you’ll be good to go.

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That view, your nipple lays pretty damn flat. Think you just need to lose some weight dude. Best of luck!

That is simple titty fat man you are fine just no more pop pizza or cheeze burgers.


@dextermorgan I keep feeling around below the nipple and now I’m feeling multiple flat bumps that I can kinda move around a little with my finger. These small flat bumps are pea sized and are not directly under the nipple more like an inch or a half inch around the nipple or to the side of it, idk what to think, they’re mostly on the right side

Most gyno is going to form mainly right behind the nipple and grow out from there. It makes your areola start to protrude. From what I can envision from what you are saying I don’t think you need to worry.

Yeah if it is something I’m hoping it doesn’t grow once I finally start injections, gonna have to wait probably several months now because there’s a chance I can get legally prescribed. Hate the thought of feeling this way for much longer, but the fact my results came back lowest they have before gives me comfort in knowing that it’s for sure the cause of my symtoms

At least you have something to look forward to now. I’m sure the time will fly by.

Let me help Dex. @markis655 Look at these pics. They are from a docs office of before and after surgery. This is not you. You are fine just go on a diet and join a gym. click pic for larger image.


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Not to be a dick, but you shouldn’t be injecting anything until you get your diet and training into high gear. Your 300-575 test range is probably due to your diet. 500s ain’t all that bad. If you eat better, exercise more, it could help alone. Don’t run to trt before giving it a serious go.

Quit working about your boobs, your nipples are flat, I’d kill for your flatness. Just go lose weight and see how things look.

Best of luck.