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You Guys See Tiger's 61 Today?


Ne neither. I'm not even into golf but it was the only "sports" headline in my newsfeed that was actually about, you know... sports.

Remember when folks used to just watch a damn ballgame?


I do, but then the networks and other media members realized they're only catering to men. Thus all sorts of bullshit drama have to be included in sports now to hold the attention of women.


Who for the most part DGAF anyway.


Fuck Tiger! Go Phil!


Golf is not a sport.


Yep, just a game. The only true sports are mountain climbing, bull fighting, boxing and car racing. I'm sure there are a few more as well.



I'm not sure how you define "sport"... but I like it


I enjoy golf, it's a chance to get outside for the better part of the day and spend time with friends, plus driving the cart always makes my shitty game worth it. I shot a 96 yesterday which happens to be my best game so far this year.

I can only manage to get out a few times per month but I am convinced that if I played on a regular basis, at least a few times per week I could shoot in the 80's. For someone to shoot a 61 is mind boggling, even for a professional like Tiger.


I like going out to my parents' place and plunking 9 irons down in the pond, but that's about the extent of my golfing ability. Sometimes I'll try to hit a driver across the field to the neighbors place. I got a slice so bad sometimes I'd swear the ball turns into a boomerang mid flight lol


Gold is my handicap

except for the clubhouse bar part


same problem, but im neither old or fat, so i dont care about playing golf yet.


It's amazing how many people who think golf is "not a sport" suck amazingly hard at it.


This sounds a lot like Hemingway or the Good Doctor wrote it.

If they didn't, and you did, well done.


Yup, Hemingway wrote it. Never mind.


Probably played less than ten times my whole life, and I'm terrible. With that, golf's still not a sport.


I f'n love golf. I shoot in the 80s with no practice.