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You Guys Ever Grunt in the Gym?

She sure does

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Was going to say something about an awkward boner but it just reminds of screaming marmot

I grunt sometimes kinda involuntarily between reps like when I’m taking too long to go for the next one

I grunt, I wouldn’t call what she is doing grunting.

Reminds me of women’s tennis.

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My old lifting partner did all of the screaming for me.


That shit is hilarious, I sure wouldn’t call it motivational or a grunt but it did make me laugh.

It’s more of a growl…

I have found grunting during lifting severely limits my ability to hold my breath, which decreases my ability to employ the valsalva maneuver and, in turn, reduces the amount of blood vessels I blow out in my face.

But grunting IS a great way to get everyone to look at you, so that’s cool too I guess.


A lot of powerlifters make this sound like they’re breathing through their teeth on each rep. It’s supposed to keep you tighter or something. When I try it I end up spitting all over myself, so I usually just end up just grunting.

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More than a few times at the top of the squat I’ve blown a nice spray of saliva. . . does that count?

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Do you even lift, brah?

Even with maximal stuff, I rarely make a peep. In my mind I’m screaming though. Have no idea why I’m so silent.

People have different “styles” when lifting. I don’t mean to grunt, I just do, sometimes, especially when I’m doing supermaximal lifts (think rack pulls)

I don’t think grunting helps me lift heavier, I think just lifting heavier, for me, produces a grunt or some noise.

Yeah, I lose it quick if I start grunting and yelling, that being said, I have yelled/grunted in excitement as I rack a PR haha I feel silly watching the video, don’t even recall doing it.

If you grunt occasionally on a max effort lift, fine. If you’re doing it every workout, then you are just being a dick

I don’t think I’ve ever grunted or really slammed anything. Just kind of douchey and disrespectful to the people around you imo. Sometimes a heavy deadlift will drop fast around knee/shin area, but that’s about it. Pretty unnecessary to slam weights all the time.

I’d recommend chasing one of the cardio bunnies - bonus points for an instructor

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Only in the locker room when pooping to assert my dominance, and occasionally during a heavy deadlift or clean.

If you actively try to grunt, no good

But if you grunt naturally (without thinking about it or trying) during moments of RPEs of 10, then ok.

That’s fine as long as you don’t combine the two activities. :slight_smile: