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You Ever Get the Urge to...


kick the shit out of displays in stores or head kick the shit out of an unsuspecting stranger in public ? ever since i've learned to throw a decent head kick there's something inside telling me to kick everything .


Unless you can take a kick to the face like a man, that YOU delivered to yourself, you ain't shit.


Ah yes, violence against unsuspecting strangers in public. Your timing could not be better. Well done.


Chuck Norris kicks the shit out of shoplifters. And he follows it up by demonstrating the correct way to shoplift (by lifting the ENTIRE shop).


Not since I started practicing Rex Kwon Do and learned to project my Chi with such force as to cause old people and babies to lose control of their bowels.


I would only kick strangers in the head if everyone walked around with a bubble over their head with a number from 1 to 100, with 100 being pure evil.
I would probably kick those whose number is over 75.
I would also prefer the numbers be visible from behind so i could kick these people from behind. I think if they are very evil they don't deserve an honest fight.


No. But I have been known to stick pins in manikins.


Well, I get the urge to see if I can lift people. Too bad people don't always cooperate...
Or was it just about the urge to kick stuff in the head?


I lift things up and put them down.


Sometimes I just want to run into stuff, see what's the biggest thing I can run over/through. I ran through a garage door once, that was pretty cool.


Road House!