You don't???...ok take care.

Just wondering what the general stance on head is around here. I’m sure it comes as no suprise that I’m a big fan of it giving and recieving and to be honest I’m just baffled when a girl not only tells me she doesn’t do it (we’ve all heard that line) but actually does not suck a dick.

Time well spent. Why, just last night my wife surprised me by pulling me into the bathroom and giving me an exquisite hummer. Mmmm… Thanks for the reminder!


u give head?

My girlfriend loves the fact that I am very good at taking care of her. I could do it for hours and not care if I got the samething in return.

Of course, when she does repay the favor, it is simply amazing as well.

For me, she has to do it. I make sure to spend a lot of time down there. I see no reason that she shouldn’t do the same. BTW, in my experience, if you keep it neat and trim down there, she’s more likely to want to visit.


Morg, I can’t believe you took the time to make that picture.

Danny “1/2 Man, 1/2 Indredulous” McVicker

I’m a HUGE FAN OF HEAD!!! On the receiving end, my wife takes pretty good care of that. It tends to be a pleasant surprise. The best way to keep receiving is to return the favor.

P.S. neat and trim is a must.

going down on a girl is the same as a guy giving head


Do you see a pattern here? You seem to be one of the few in here that constantly begin senseless and moronic threads.

I am beginning to think that you have a problem. Seriously.

I’ve heard it reffered to as head for both sexes. Either way for the slower ones out there no, I don’t suck dick. Also no problems on the grooming, very well kept. This one girl I’m seeing talked a WHOOOLE lotta shit on how she’s gonna rock the mic till my toes curl but so far hasn’t even sang a note? I’m guessing she’s just teasing me, or is she just a tease?

It pisses me off when a I stay down on a girl for an hour but when I expect a return favorite she doesn’t “like to”. What is the big deal? If you keep it clean, trim and don’t stink like taint why would she not? But I have to say the best head I ever got was from a girl who loved to finish me up. Swallow. She said it wasn’t as messy. Girl would do that driving down the road or wherever. Loved that ho…

wideguy, I hate women like that. Started to talking to this chic recently and she talks like a guy. Always making sexual comments, then I try for some and bam, nothing. I always enjoy a nice BJ, and have nooooooo problem going down on a chic. oh, I cant wait to eat some vagina this weekend. hmmmmmmm, my fav meal

ZEB but some how you can’t resist replying?lol and yes the term “head” is used both ways.

If a girl doesn’t go down in general, she just needs to get over herself. Until then, find a girl who will.


The Webpage is called “testosterone nation”

And most of us are full of Testosterone.

So discussions about blowjobs are acceptable.

Discussions about flower arrangements in the guest bathroom are NOT acceptable.

Why the hell do you consistently comment on things like this? If you don’t like it don’t read it…

I’m just glad I didn’t eat her ass…TEASE!


The nature of my complaint has more to do with the amount of these types of threads begun by Meathead, I mean wideguy.

I Understand that this can be a topic of discussion. Why do I get the feeling that this nut balls life is basically shaped around his sexual exploits and not much else?

zeb, this is the off-topic forum. that means that we talk about issues that are “off-topic.” if you feel that wideguy is a moron or meathead, simply do not reply to his threads. those of us that enjoy serving rock hard dick and dry humping err…i mean getting blow jobs like to discuss these things.

Geez…, taking a poll, huh ? Oh well…

The best is when my girlfriend is having an orgasm on my tongue… you guys know what I mean, the thigh headlock ? Thrashing about like a hooked fish… Even better when 69ing and her swallowing always is a turn-on… the in-joke is she gets her protein from my loads…

But all in all, give her the old Barry White line “Practice What You Preach” if she’s all talk and no action… sounds like “glibido” to me… all talk about it but no real tongue… LOL