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You Don't Need Protein?


Is this guy serious?


Seen this before, he acts like he's got it all worked out which annoys me.


Why does anyone care what he thinks? He doesn't have much muscle at all. There are people who don't lift at all who are bigger than that and his logic is ridiculous. He thinks he is "too muscular"?

I was bigger than that in high school...which is why I started lifting.


did that toothpick say he has TOO MUCH MUSCLE?


Agreed, his opinion means nothing to me, he's a freaking runner. Last time I checked my nutrition textbooks there were these things called, Essential amino acids, they call them that cause they are essential for the body, this guy is a quack.


what a HUGERER dude


this idiot's argument is flawed-if it takes more energy to break down proteins, then it is logical for overweight people to eat more proteins rather than avoid them. also sources of protein usually contain amino acids and essential fats, such as fish and chicken, so why would you avoid nuts and meat because you don't think protein is essential?


Youtube comment:


You tube...the source for REAL knowledge.


WTF is "outpowering 20 year olds on the Sears Tower"?


Well you do know that Interwebz doctors are far superior to those you actually go to school and earn a real degree, I mean they probably did find that gem of info on Wikipedia :slight_smile:


Sounds kinky.


I think they do a stair running race to top of the tower every year, I am ashamed to call him a fellow Illinoisan.


This guy's T levels must be through the roof, just imagine: no meat, no nuts, marathon running, and probably a lack of good fats in his diet, that's a killer combo for testosterone production.....


This dude sounds like a woman. I don't mean that as insult to all guys who may sound like women, but I tend to wonder about a correlation some times. Very obese people seem to be like this more and more lately....guys with really effeminate voices who weigh damn near 300lbs.


so all i need to eat is enzymes and i can run the sears tower? count me in, no more meat for me, just raw vegetables and fruits!


I can't help but wonder what percentage of food is enzymes-yes enzymes are amino acids, but how much do you get per celery stick? I'm guessing you'd need to ingest a helluva lot of enzymes to get the same amount of amino acids that you would from meat and other, more practical sources.....


More than that, if anyone here sees that as a physical goal to aspire to, then I really question what the hell they have been doing in the gym/kitchen up to this point.


Standing on a bosu ball while cutting up salad ingredients? two extremely skinny birds with one stone....


Something about that guy....Kinda just wanted to punch him in the throat...


This guy is marketing a product made from the acai berry, perhaps Mona Via or a similar product. I have friends that swear by the "unbelievable" power of this berry. Its basically a money making scam. The way that the companies sales are organized is a branch scheme similar to Mary K cosmetics. My friends invited me to this dealer recruiting session that involved samples and a very cleverly designed power point production.

The sales brochures had very nebulous information on the product that would sound fantastic to anyone that wasn't actually interested in what they were consuming. During the dealer presentation they got to a section that displayed a small jet plane embellished with the Mona Via logo and captioned by "Black Diamond Level". I asked the presenter how many people had gotten the jet. "No one yet." The hummer? " Nobody yet." The sedan? " Well this one guy in chicago.."

I stood up and invited the other people there to come to my openhouse where I would be inviting people to help me market cocaine. I assured them the returns would be much more gratifying.