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You decide what this means

When discussing what the legal future of ‘andro’ like substances is, consider the implications of the following article in relationship to ‘andro like substances’:<!—>


It’s nonsense like this that makes me feel like I live in China.

I read the article pertaining to this situation, and also looked briefly at the JLF website. While there may be “some” concern about Andro supplements being pulled from the market, Andro and the makers of such, like Biotest, are a far cry from a company that sells “Poisonous Non-Consumables.” I don’t think anyone has reason to believe Andro will cause you to kick the bucket, and I’m unaware of Andro or any other supplement ingredients that can be readily converted to make someone keel over.

On one hand, I think ‘some’ situations like the one involving JLF are crap, and the police are not right in their raids/seizures. On the other hand however, I also question the true legality of selling substances such as the 1-4 Butanediol (apparently “analogous to GHB”) mentioned in the article, even though the writer(s) says it’s a legal substance. Well, define “legal”! Legal as in ANYONE being able to possess this substance, or legal for certain licensed persons or companies to possess, sell or buy? Same goes for whoever had the ephedrine pills in the article. I highly doubt they’re talking about possessing products that contain some ephedrine like thermogenics, but possibly about straight ephedrine pills.
Apparently (according to the article) they can “be used to manufacture methamphetamine.” I’m not sure Joe Schmoe could extract the ephedrine from Xenadrine and cook up speed. Who knows, I’m no expert and unfortunately, the article gives virtually no detail as to the circumstances of the situation. I believe that the “poor, victimized souls” who were possessing the batteries and ephedrine pills gave the police/feds good reason to believe they were up to something ILLEGAL!

It sounds to me like JLF is treading a very fine line between legal and illegal sales of certain substances to the general public, and I think they may very well be crossing into illegal territory with the sale of some of their products (again, to anyone). The article and JLF’s situation (in my mind) does not relate well at all to the sale of Andro.

Look, all I’m saying is that if you’re selling something that at best is “questionable” in terms of legality, then maybe you should take the time to check into it, and if you don’t, then you shouldn’t be so friggin’ surprised when the Feds kick in your door and raid yo’ ass! :slight_smile:

In any damn case, I’m not too worried about Andro being pulled anytime soon, and if I ever have excellent reason to believe it’s going to be pulled, I’ll be placing a three-thousand dollar order to Biotest ASAP for Mag-10. :slight_smile:

did anyone else notice that ultimately the company owner was the victim of someone elses stupidity? The whole investigation started because a girl died when she ate something specifically labeled “do not ingest” and her parents sent a letter to the government. Even though some of the legalities are debatable the ultimate cause of this mans misery is the same as everyones ephedrine woes. Both are due to isolated incidents of misuse by the ignorant. At this rate all our supps may vanish in no time.

This is scary stuff. Ashcroft is a very scary man. And yes, I do think there is reason to be concerned. I looked into this a bit more and I’m convinced that this guy was not breaking the law. Yes ephedrine can be “converted” to speed just like certain andro products have at least the potential to be converted into testosterone (in the lab). I voted for Bush and support a lot of what he’s doing but things like this give me great cause for concern (this, along with some other things Ashcroft has done, has already cost Bush my vote in the next election). Concerned citizens should write their congressional representatives. Lines must be drawn in this “war on drugs”, if not, far right wingers like Ashcroft will take this battle right into our homes! Consider, for instance, something like “Euphoria” (this is the name of a “relaxation” product that Biotest is developing). Things like this will certainly be targeted even if straight performance enhancers aren’t (although I think they will be as well if Ashcroft sticks around long enough). Again, for those who care, get off your lazy asses for fifteen minutes and write or email your political representatives…