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You Can Take the Boy Otta The Hood...

Damn…my man Iverson…about to be charged for assault and terrorist threats. Seems like Allen burst into a house, carrying a gun, looking for his wife and threatening some guys.

I really thought Allen was getting it together. Anybody from Philly OR anybody with anymore details? I hope that we aren’t looking at a bright star that burns out as quickly as it appears…

With any luck he’ll end up in prison!

I thought he was groing up the last few years, now I think he’s just another spoiled jerk off. This is coming from a Sixers fan. Whatever happened to guys like DR. J?

as a sixers fan and an iverson fan, i’m disappointed but definitely not surprised at the charges levied at ai…i’m not sure if ‘burst into a house’ is the correct way to describe it since he did knock (pound is more like it) and was let in supposedly since the guy who’s apartment it is knew iverson…but carrying an unlicensed gun (i believe he is barred from owning a gun) and making threats while showing this gun is bad news…i hope the da charges him and then i hope he gets off! (well, maybe ‘probation’ so if he pulls any more shit he knows he’s going to get locked up)…he had just had a big fight with his wife and was emotional and even though i in no way condone his actions, i think getting charged and sentenced to probation as well as having this blemish on his reputation is enough punishment for his alleged actions.

This is one of the many reasons I don’t watch the NBA anymore. This is coming from a big bball fan and athlete. I know this goes on in all sports, but it is just too apparent in all aspects of the NBA. Lock him up!!!

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