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You Can Only Take 3 Things

 Your house is on fire, you need to get the fuck out of there!!! you have just enough time to get 3 things. what will you take? I would take my laptop, workout log and baseball sign by arod.

oh and no humans! all your family and pets make it out alive. So, what 3 things would you take?


Lockbox (which is supposed to be fireproof) with our wills and shit in it.
Cloths for the next day
Car keys


Wallet, car keys, and handgun.


Mac computer
Lock Box (contains important documents)
My '78 Fender Precision Bass


Xbox 360
Super NES
And all their games




guitar (ESP Viper LTD)
external hard drive (music collections are tough to replace)
I would probably die of smoke inhalation before I could think of a third thing.


What if I'm fully capable of carrying my home in one hand?

Then my other hand has a 12 pack of beer but two of the beers are replaced by two bottles of Old Spice.


Wait, I guess I've got one more thing.

The Ark of the Covenant.

Wait...I've been led to believe you can't touch it. OK, I'll kick it out in front of me.


Of course I'd be fully dressed, layered with all my clothing....
So in addition to that, cell phone, passport, wallet.


External hard drive full-o-porn, bag of chili cheese fritos, and my old guitar.


Nobody said CELLPHONE... you know, to call 911?

EDIT: Sorry Bungalow... I missed your post.^^^


I live in a townhome community so knocking on a neighbor's door to borrow their phone wouldn't be out of the question, if they didn't already call 911 themselves. Plus a phone is quicker and easier to replace than IDs, credit cards, car keys, or the one gun that's not in the safe.

All other important documents are in the aforementioned 800# standing safe, so I'm betting on the fire protection holding up for either the sprinkler system kicking in, or the FD putting out the fire.


Backup hard drives
Important documents


I keep a "JET" bag with all insurance papers, list of best porn sites, drives with family pics and information on it near the door, just in case I have to jet out the front door. So my favorite Nikes and that bag.


lol.. nobody has mentioned pictures. I guess you don't need albums when you have all of your pictures online. Also nobody seems to care about childhood things besides I.D.


My drumset, my books, my S&W .500 Magnum


Nobody (with any sense anyway) is going to care about their woobies when faced with being charbroiled alive in their home.


No worries, though I'd be using it only to tweet about the fire.

"Is it just me or is it getting hot in here"


All my Rush CD's
The autographed Prof X tribute pose pic Celtics mailed me
My protein powder, it could be hours before the fire is out and the interwebz told me I'm supposed to have protein every 8.5 minutes.