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You Can Now Get Androxal/Enclomiphene


just wanted to let you guys know… now the REAL stuff is out… from GeoPeptides

i in no way work for these guys in any way, and you can look through my post history here ive been looking for a legit supply of this stuff for months…i have never been able to use clomid because clomid caused massive visual problems for me, terrible floaters, visual distortions, etc… that is ALL cuz of zuclomiphene, without it you get NONE of those effects…

finally they got it in… ive ordered some stuff before from other people who claimed to supply it and it turned out to be bogus and have no effect… including even trying to order things from india internationally… let me assure you guys this is 1000% the real deal… its really quite amazing… the dosing is totally accurate as advertised everything, and on their twitter they always feature massive discount codes…

just trying to help everyone and get some business over to this outstanding company … spread the word


Did you try nolvadex?

No idea what your need or objective was with a SERM here.

If you received a SERM that worked that was not clomid, how would you know what it was?

This drug is the active isomer of clomid. So I assume the other isomer is the one that creates side effects for some guys. So not revolutionary, but would be a drug that has an indication for males, not a off-label and that might tap into insurance. Should have been zero safely hurdles as millions have used this [isomer] for many years.