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You Can Get Stronger


OK you whiners here is a little tidbit from the old crab ass.
I am having the best training cycle I have had in 12 years. Last 3 workouts, Squat 345 for easy 6 reps with no gear but a loose belt.
Bench press 6 reps with 300 no gear at all.
Deadlift 5 reps with 415.
Now how in the Sam Hell can an old fart like me make gains. The 345 is best I have done in years, the bench is new pr for reps, and the dead is too.
Well 3 things have come into play.
My technique has improved. I studied the DVD's of last 2 meets and was shocked by what I saw. So I got some help, from other veterans and my technique is better.
Next stretching. I stretch 1 time at work, then before and after each workout. Big difference in lifting and how I feel.
Lastly, I eat like a Clydesdale. Not junk, but I do allow myself some cheat on Saturday, but clean food. During the week no junk food, no fast food, no sugary treats. Just a heaalthy diet about 1.4 grams protein per lb bodyweight, 25% of diet is good carbs. Low fat.
Pretty damn simple isn't it. You know 2 younger lifters in the gym are doing this now and seeing results too.
So if you think because you are over 35, 45, or 55 you cannot make gains. Pull the flush handle and get the crap from between your ears.
To my lifting bretheren going to Killeen see ya there brothers. We can celebrate Sunday night.


Rock on with your old self!!!!!


Way to go, senseial!

I'm trying to stretch more, too, and just threw some more carbs into the diet this week. Maybe that's why I blew well past my previous sticking point on Rack Pulls and pulled 400 yesterday. Nothin' wrong with having more years under your belt....


Training hard and intense,you want to compete on a powerlifting platform at a National meet,you gotta want it!Way to go brother,see you in may.TRAIN HARD!Jimmy T



Thanks for this post!! I certainly plan to get stronger as I get older.

I see more and more examples everyday of people that are doing it. People like you. Thanks man!!


S -
Keep going the way you're going and you are gonna smash your PR's week after week!!!! Can't imagine what you have in store for Killeen in May! I can't promise, but I'd like to do some damage there myself. It's getting there that's a problem.....best of luck in your training and with your positive attitude combined with sound training, you will be breaking PR's for many years to come.


Hey Sens
keep up the good work.
Im seeing the smae for myself, what an ego booster eh? at this age making gains like this, life is good.
Here's to ya, mature iron pumpers :slight_smile: