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You are Rude and Stink


This cracked me up, the students at Columbia Business school were put on notice for their poor personal hygiene and boorish behavior. It might be summed up in a type of narcissism - I can dress and look however I want and you will still give me all the attention damn it.


I guess common fucking sense is lost on the upcoming generation.


All I know is that I can't wait until Heather Locklear's daughter turns 18 and starts flashing that tight little pussy of hers all over the Internet.


So I says to Irene, I says "Irene, the creatinezz is bad for ya."


I went to art school. It was par for the course to be rude and stink.


Ditto for Comp Sci.


Trade School. Say no more.


So basically all college kids are rude and they stink?



not true V, most of the kids in my classes do not stink and only a few WERE rude...

The first time they were distracting in class I made sure to put a stop to that shit ... I love being the asshole older guy, it's a great role :slight_smile: