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You Are Going to Love This Video


See, I told you so!


ehh been posted already!


Yeah that did the rounds a few weeks ago but its always good to be reminded of the douchebaggery in our midst.


Agreed, Douchebaggery and Das Uber Geigh are now permanent parts of my vocab!


Sorry I missed it, I remembered the other thread but never saw the movie. Something like that is better posted twice then not at all in my eyes!


I've seen tese pics around for a month now and I really want to know who these guys are. Are they for real? All I've heard is that they;re from New Jersey. Are there more of them? What do they call themselves?
No sleep! Must know!


oh my god.


they are real, and a very real problem. watch the video again, they are douchbags. be careful you never know when one will be lurking around the make up counter at macy's. looookkk outtt behiiindd youuuuu.