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You Are Being Lied To

For years everything about training was a mindfuck for me been training 16 years read every book every article and couldn’t get what I wanted or needed out of training. I always wanted to have a strict plan and goal get big and strong but be in shape. After 6 years of westside training I needed something new and I found 531. Basically it’s the best thing I ever did for myself.

It was a no bullshit straight to the point barbell compound movement program with no fluff get in the gym lift what you are supposed to and get out. Slow progress low risk if no risk of burnout if done right 531 gave me a whole new outlook on training that it’s a marathon not a sprint it’s about staying injury free and training for ten years not 10 months it made training fun and simple again like when I was a teenager and the greatest part is it makes you want to acheive greatness to show people

Jim was right and you were all being lied to by them. Thank you Jim



well summarized

Couldn’t have said it better myself