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You are a...




HAHAHAHAHA. This is what I got, no joke!

You are a toe-sucking sex god who likes to fight heroes.


Oh Fuck, I’m a quick bandit who likes to dejuice testes. Well I guess if they are my own, it’s probably true.



I am a testicular baby who likes to misunderstand circus tents


Now I’m a crazy pimp who likes to smell Octupi. Sweet!



LOL I’m a smelly Lizardman who likes to slap blow up dolls.



Strange bag of shit who likes to corner bisexuals.

Yay this is fun.



LOL, I am a busty camper who likes to upset beans.


I am a handsome felcher who likes to hit Bill Cosby. Pudding pops my ass!


I am a great pimp who likes to buy homosexuals.

Go figure.


Now I’m a hot bitch who likes to megafuck toes


I am a fragile bag of shit who likes to bite lamps.



I’m a funky giant squid who likes to fistfuck canada LOL hahahahahhahahaha


i’m a beautiful sexy bitch who likes to pay dinosaurs.

deep down i always knew i was…


Now I’m a gigantic stompslut who likes to break penises hahahahahahah gesus I’m crying hehe


now i’m a monumental wolf who likes to fight hank hill.



I’m a nasty wolf who likes to bend women.

Wow that is so me.


I’m a nasty bycicle who likes to run from werewolves…


I’m a strong grandfather who likes to devour clits


You are a tough pecker that likes to shrink buffalo.