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Yorkshire Iron's Log

Age: 27
Height: 1.78m / 5’10
Weight: 93kg / 205lbs
Goal: To lose as much fat as humanly possible before the brief British Summer.

I am hoping that by starting this log and remaining consistent with it I will be held accountable and make some half decent progress. I’ve always struggled with the fat loss side of training, so any advice, particularly with regard to nutrition, will be greatly appreciated.


Following, also from Yorkshire and in a similar position trying to drop some fat.

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I’ll be following. Fair warning though; I’m neither from yorkshire or making any real attempt to lose fat.

I’m pretty sure this is a myth.

Also, remember to tag Chris if you’re entering the challenge.

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In for the ride. Going to be good watching you smash this.

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True, barring that 4 month heatwave of 2018.

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That’s what I’m going to tell the grandkids about.

“Back in my day…”

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4 months of sun, a penalty shoot-out win, everyone seemingly getting along, jovial even. Yeah, it was always going to be downhill from then on.

You think our current clusterfuck is kharma?

Nope, it’s Brexit. From now on, everything that goes wrong gets the big red Brexit stamp.

Depends who you listen to. My Facebook news feed will be full of people blaming Brexit for everything. The papers will never even consider admitting if they turned out to be wrong about it.

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I’m in and will offer some “c’mon, you can do this” type of shit. Also I would like to know what macros you are working to and expect a log of consumption. If you haven’t seen Serge A Storms log its worth a look pal. Him and Jackolee have it sussed.


I’ll check their logs out now because, quite frankly, I’ve not got a clue how to estimate and set out my macros. Hence, why I find myself in dire need of a cut.

What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

On that note, after a bit of light reading and some crude mathematics, for the foreseeable…

Calories: 2700
Protein: 270g
Carbs: 270g
Fat: 60g

This seems to be a good starting point. I may look at lowering carbs on non-training days too. Time to start tracking my food.


Sunday: Football match
Monday: Rest

Tonight: Upper body:
1A - Bench + Chins
2B - BB rows + Z Press
3 - Face pulls.

I’ll try and be as detailed as possible here as it does vary a fair bit.

7:00AM - Rye bread + 3 scrambled eggs + cup of green tea.
Multiple cups of coffee throughout the morning
10:00AM - A snack which usually involves ‘bread thins’, prosciutto and cheese followed by some sort of bar for ‘dessert’.
12:30PM - Lunch - this ranges a lot. Could be tuna with pasta, chicken with rice, today was a large sweet potato with tuna and cottage cheese, always contains a fair amount of veg, usually spinach and/or salad. Greek yoghurt for dessert.
3:00PM - usually some fruit, today, a few handfuls of grapes plus 2 large oranges.
5:30PM - sometimes nothing, sometimes a snack which often involves bread thins, prosciutto and cheese.
6-7PM is when I train.
7:30ish PM - Dinner - again, ranges massively. Salmon pasta is a popular one. This meal will usually be my biggest and involve a lot of carbs (and protein). Veggies too.
9:00pm - Sometimes I snack around this time too. Sometimes it’s healthy, sometimes it involves (more) bread.

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I guess a good crude start is to reduce the pasta, bread, and potatoes then.

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You probably already know,

My Fitness Pal app is very good to use for logging your food. I found that if I use the same scoop on foods I only have to weigh them once and soon get accurate with guessing the weight. So on brown rice I use a scoop that gives me 60g or rice so 3 scoops is 180g or thereabouts of rice. Same for bolly or curry, I use the same ladle every time so I know the weight.


Thank you. Downloading it as we speak. The last supper tonight, then the ‘diet’ begins tomorrow.

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I’m in! Do you happen to have scoliosis or is it just the picture?