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York University Anyone?

Thought it might be a good idea to see if there are any avid readers of TMUSCLE who are at York uni in the UK. If so, what gym?

Hey mate. I’m joining there this october. Um I have david lloyds membership and apparentely there’s one just next to my college so I’m going to transfer it down to there. What about yourself?

Ah good news, yea I train there, i have the same membership. Its got a power rack, olympic lifting platform etc. So your in Alcuin? Thinking of doing any sports?

Olympic platform? Sweet the one I train in only has one power rack. What do the dumbells go up to? Yes I’m in Alcuin. I swim at the moment, and competed in Scottish Nationals in June, but thinking of doing rowing, so training legs and back majorly at the moment

Just a platform which allows for olympic lifts and deadlifts (cushioned). Well im a second year rower, theres nothing better to do if your into the gym. Dumbells go up to around 55kg/60kg i think. What are your squat/deadlift/bench looking like?

My best friend’s girlfriend is about to start her third year at York.

Squat: when I started last year it was 20kg for 8, now it’s 80kg for 8 (I was ridiculously skinny)
Bench: not maxed out, I have a gammy left elbow joint since I was born, so I use DB press as my main chest exercise
Deadlift: 100kg for 5, 120kg for 3

I have bent over row 80kg for 8 with wrist straps and done dips with 25kg bodyweight for four sets of six reps

Since the end of school in May I’ve been able to focus on my diet and lifting much more and my gains have accelerated since then. Hopefully I’ll keep it up in York and add the 35pounds of bulk I want to add over the next year