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York Blobs for Sale


I'm selling my collection of York Blobs. Shipping is $15, or you can pick them up (I'm 45 min North of Charlotte, NC). Blob lifting is the equivalent of squats when it comes to hand strength, nothing you can do will build stronger hands.

12.5lb- $25
15lb- $30
35lb- $70
37.5lb- $75
40lb- $100
42.5lb- $110

All Blobs are from the genuine old school York dumbbells. Send me your email and I'll get you pictures of these darlings, I honestly hate to sell them, but I need the $.


This is a great price on York blobs - for those that don't know.


Any idea of how expensive shipping would be to Canada? Assuming you are willing to ship out of country...


I'll find out and let you know.