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York Bar for Olympic Lifts?

Anyone used a York bar preferably for Olympics lifts? I can get quite a good price on that here in the UK.
It can load up to 700lb. Aside from shrugs or rack pulls I think that’s enough for me. Any relevant input is appreciated.

Do you mean the ones that look like this:

download (30)

I’ve done power cleans and they are okay. Knurling was smooth on the ones I used and the sleeves spun okay. Can’t speak to the whip as I sucked way too much to notice haha

The most annoying thing is the screw that holds the sleeves in place will almost certainly fallen out if buying second hand. This means you need to constantly re-tighten them.

thanks for the response. If I buy it , it would be new. Probably going to opt for a more pricey bar. That’s an unusal looking bar. It doesn’t look like yours . Looks like a normal bar. I am humming and haing at the moment whether to drop a budget Werksan, Eleiko or Physikal bar. I want an IWF approved bar but they are so expensive. Have you doen snatches on the York?

That’s the old school York barbell - I thought that’s what we were talking about, I don’t have experience with the new ones sorry.