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Yolked Up - How do you Train?


As one of the faceless many that use this site to feed a need for size and knowledge I am surely not the first to ask "Yolked up - how do you train?"

I'm sure there are many haters out there who feel that Yolked Up should never, ever (ever ever ever) post on T-Nation again, but I am amongst the few who recognize the awesome knowledge, physique and bigger-guy-beating-up treasure Yolked-up represents.

Cephalic Carnage, Professor X and the likes can thank me later, because if Yolked Up can give us some insight you might finally be able to attain the physiques you've sought so hard!


do not feed troll


He just eats lots of eggs...duh.



troll hungry...


Man, I don't know why i'm posting here but if you really must know then it's usually:

3-4 times per week vale tudo

and if I get time then once or twice per week a crossfit/ ross training style workout. It's a more intense but much more effective routine than doing crappy worthless isolation exercises and LSD cardio


Actually there is no training method better or worst than other, it all depends on your goals. You seem to confuse this forums, which are bodyboulding with a martial arts forum, you should try www.fightauthority.com

Your lack of knowledge and your not-so-intelligent comments only make you look stupid.


I didn't really expect a response! At least not a serious one!


You call that training, girly boy?



Was the sarcasm not evident in my first post? What kind of an opinion must he have of himself to be able to miss that!