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Yolk or No Yolk


I have been eating hard boiled eggs for the extra protein. Should I be consuming the yolk, or are there negative consequinces to this. i.e. fat gain, cholesterol


The downside to the yolk is over-hyped. Eat the damn yolk.


The upside is also underhyped. Just google eggs and nutrition and you'll find that most good nutrition sites highly recommend eating the yolk.


You can only skip the yolk if you plan to get silicone breast implants(in your balls). Otherwise you are obliged to consume the aforementioned yellow substance.


Deanosumo is a wise, wise man.

Eat your damn yolks!!



depends on your goals and how many k/cals you need in comparison to total protein etc. what else youhave eaten that day.

That said when ever I have hard boiled eggs, usually daily I eatvthe damn yolk. Good stuff and an awesome form of fats as well as dietary cholestorol.


Buy organic eggs and eat up!


Eating the yolk is not going to harm you. There is up to 300 grams of Cholesterol in one yolk, but it is saturated fat that raises cholesterol. Interesting huh?

Here is some interesting reading regarding Cholesterol and health. Something your doctor never discussed with you because he/she is probably in the dark regarding the information:



Ok I've visited the websites and read the information above, and apparently the yolk isn't bad for you...

However to what extent can one eat yolk ? I usually eat from 4-6 eggs per serving, one to two times a week..

Are the amount of eggs I consume unhealthy ? I workout 5 days a week and I'm only 19 so I'm relatively young, I have a low % of bodyfat but would all this cholesterol still have a negative effect on my body ?

My doctor told me to only eat 3 eggs a week (this was her maximum recommendation), but I don't really listen to my doctor since she also told me working out is a way to get injured and is unneccessary ?? she gave me an example of some chinese people that use their mental state to produce strength... ( I'm not sure if she's on crack or what not ) but that was the last time I spoke with her..


Who the hell is your doctor!?! Are you sure she was a doctor.


How many times a week does your doctor work out and what are her numbers. And I don't meam measurements.

Most of the good stuff is in the yolk. Eggs have more monounsaturated fat than saturated fat. There is a lipid in eggs that actually LOWERS cholesterol. Eat em up.





Your doctor's advising you not to exercise ? I'm not surprised.


It really depends..I usually have 3-4 whole eggs and 10 whites..not because I'm concerned about my cholesterol but because I want all the protein and 12 whole eggs would push me over what I usually set for limits on fat intake


Unless your "doctor" lady is totally HOT, and you look forward to visits just so you can have j/o fodder for a while, I would get a new doctor.

I'd be like, yeah, I'm using my mental state right now to undress you and command you to kneel before ZOD!. Damn! Why aren't your clothes coming off???


I've been known to eat eggs every day during a bulk for meal #3(Lunch) and usually go for 7 whites and 3 yolks with chopped onion, green pepper, garlic, and a potato. During a bulk, that's 35 whites and 15 whole eggs in JUST a 5 day period. Dude, seriously, don't worry about a few eggs every week.


I say yolk! When I'm bulking I usually try and get 7-8 whole eggs, and 3-4 whites for breakfast.
Possibly some hard boiled eggs throughout the day.
Usually a small omlette at the end of the day, 4 whole eggs or so. Try going through a dozen eggs a day! Speaking of eggs, COSTCO here I come!



Thanks guys.. this is exaclty what I needed to hear...