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Yoke vs Biacromial Width

Hello Christian
I just read your today’s article regarding trap development and I really liked it.

My question is about what would you suggest to us, the ones with small-medium biacromial width; in order to get that yoke look without overdeveloping traps or develop them just enough but avoiding looking narrower

Have a nice day

Wel, that’s my case. Oddly enough the two things that helped the most was a strong focus on the rear delt and lats. Seems like great rear delts you can get away with bigger traps and it seems like flaring lats make you look wider up top too,

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Interesting. Fortunately I like training upper back and lats and I have always disliked that look where the back upper arm seems to extend to the back due to unexistent rear delts. So I train hard those bodyparts

By the way, I am doing your Best Damn Program For Natural Lifters 1 and I have got less than good results (but I got them!) due to stress disrupting my sleep/eating and the anxiety…BUT, thanks to the fact of having to do it 6x per week had helped me A LOT to have more discipline, getting up at 5 am and having more energy/focus during my morning work at office, as well as feeling the challenge of no matter what I have to get up. All intensity yet no overtraining at all until now (3 months with it). Soooo: