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Yoke Slipping - Solutions?

I was doing the yoke today and it keeps slipping off my shoulders. I felt good for the weight. Its just keeping it in the right position.
This is a clip of the heaviest yoke. But even at a lower weight I couldn’t get it to sit right.
Ideas in toying with;
The powdered finish on the yoke and my T shirt lack friction. So change my T and maybe add some grippy stuff to the yoke.
Use chalk - messy but easy
Change my technique - try and get my shoulder under the bar
Get bigger traps - get a bigger shelf
Its not an actual iss I’m just not strong enough.

Grip shirt? (Stealth Bar Grip Men's Black Shirt | A7 UK Shipping to Europe) Not sure of they’re any good or considered cheating/banned in comps.

Also the video says 385 is that kg?!

Ohh I’ll edit that. It’s 285. Not 385 lol. I’m not there yet.

Haha s’all good, next month maybe!

Lol yeah next month.
Just check out that tee-shirt. I think that’s a solution. Except for competition. You should wear the tee-shirt - it’s kind of the unwritten rule.
But for a training tool I’m sold. It will let me add some mega kg to my yoke which will speed up my strength gains.

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I’ve seen people with different grips like hands supporting the yoke before but not sure what’s most effective.

Wow - odd. Genuinely just stood in the kitchen dm with my arms at different angles trying to figure out if there is another way to hold it in place. I think higher is better.

Wrap a layer of athletic tape around the crossmember. Chalk can help too.

From the looks of the video, it appears you aren’t really activating your arms or chest. I would recommend pressing out and forward on the yoke with your arms/chest. This should help greatly prevent it from sliding back and will also improve stability by activating your lats. Grip shirts and athletic tape will help, but will still fail you if you aren’t actively pushing the yoke forward. I try to think of a “pec fly machine” type of motion/activation.

Does that make sense?

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100%. Thank you

Despite how it might look on the surface, yoke truly is a full body movement. I’ve heard of people straining biceps doing it, I’ve had my pec cramp doing it. After watching it again, I think that pushing on the yoke like I mentioned should help give you a lot more stability because it also doesn’t really look like you’re engaging your lats. I’m not trying to pick on you here, because 285kg is still A LOT of weight, now imagine if you executed flawlessly, how much more weight you could move.

however, yoke is by far my weakest event

Yeah perhaps I’m not engaging with it totally. I’ve come to the realisation my back is not tight enough.
I’ll start to keep my upper body engaged more and see where I end up.