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Yoke Carry Practice Without a Yoke?


Best way to practice the yoke without the yoke kit?


Best way would be to get a yoke. If you can’t do that, DIY a chain yoke. You can use chains or tow straps or something like that.


Alpha put out a YouTube video discussing the yoke and different alternatives. Check out his log for the link.


Post link please… having problems finding it


Pretty sure its in this video


Think Ben Bruno (maybe) did a video but I can’t find it.

It’s a variation of a heavy squat hold.

In a squat rack, load the bar with desired weight. Place the safety bars one peg beneath the pins. Unrack the weight and instead of just standing there, walk in place.

This doesn’t train the yoke technique, but it certainly builds the hip and core strength necessary for a heavy walk.